Meet the Mothers

Mama Christa with Ella, Mother Hen with Chiclett, and Megz with Chase


Mama Christa

Hello! I'm Christa. I'm a 26 year old stay at home mama of two beautiful girls, Olivia and Ella. Olivia was born 10-29-2008 and was born at 34 weeks via a medically necessary c-section after 48 hours of labor. Ella was born 10-02-2010 at 29 weeks also c-section and also medically necessary. Both my girls were born prematurely due to severe pre eclampsia. My husband, Shane, and I have been married 4 years.
I'm a breastfeeding, natural birth, cloth diapering, intactivist weirdo! :) I'm a mainstream mama turned crunchy mama and actually just started a blog about my journey through that:
With Olivia I had to pump for almost 6 months, and supplement with formula (Gosh I wish I'd known about milk sharing!!) until I got her to latch on. I nursed her until 16 months and weaned much earlier then I had wanted to. 3 weeks later I was pregnant with Ella and 7 months later I had a 2 lb 10 oz baby and I was making sweet music with the pump again. I pumped for 74 days, diligently around the clock for my baby while she was in the NICU and I worked like hell to make sure she would be a boobie baby. I was so lucky that she is a total boobie baby and hates any kind of false nipples now (not always a good thing haha!!).
I'm also extremely passionate about milk sharing and I'm a milk donor. I donated almost all of the milk I pumped while Ella was in the NICU and I now exclusively donate to one family.
I've had a crazy breastfeeding journey with both my girls and I'm so proud to say that I've nursed them both.
Aside from all my dirty hippie ways, I love reading, movies, cooking with too much butter, and playing outside with my girls.

Mother Hen

Hi I'm Mother Hen! I have two wonderful children: Son, Chicken Little, born September 5th 2008 and daughter, Chicklett, born October 12th 2010. My husband we are calling Rooster, though I tried to a different chicken related term for a male chicken that rhymes with "rock" and was vetoed by the girls.
I am tandem nursing and plan on doing child led weaning with both of them. Generally have had an easy experience nursing and have never had to use formula.
I am a lacativist, intactivist, and all around natural childbirth junkie. Our family tries to tread lightly on this earth by being conservationists. We do know when to splurge though, so it's not all serious business. I guess you could consider us to be reasonable conservationists.
I am the admin for The Normalizing Nursing in Public League (The NNIPL) on facebook. Join the league today! :)
Both of my children were born with bilateral clubbed feet and I have a blog outlining our journey through recovery;
In my spare time when I'm not breastfeeding I enjoy video games, gardening, movies, and sewing. I invented and make the Ponchaby - perfect poncho for baby wearing parents.


I'm the mother of two amazing boys. Aiden, born November 2008, is full of sass, tantrums, kisses, and more tantrums. He's endlessly challenging, definitely spirited or willful, but he's also so very smart, affectionate, and funny. I breastfed Aiden until he was 8 months. We had a brief early struggle after his birth, but smooth sailing until he decided to be a crazy man at the breast, combined with my history and PPD, I couldn't deal with him anymore and we slowly weaned. It was heartbreaking, I was crushed, and I still feel some guilt over it, but it's where I was in my life at the time! Chase, born November 2010, is a sweet and snuggly kid, he's got a cooler head than Aiden ever did, is a better sleeper, a better nurser, and a happier guy all around. He's curious and inquisitive! We haven't had any issues with nursing. Both my boys were born into the water into the hands of midwives with my husband and doula present.This time around I've been diagnosed with PPD, though I'm pretty sure I had it with Aiden as well. My experience with Chase as a baby and as a nursling is so different simply because I'm being commitment to education about PPD is strengthened by my own painful experiences with it.  

I am also a birth doula, aspiring lactation educator, and aspiring entrepreneur. I love birth, I love breastfeeding, I love empowering women. I love this blog, no joke. I want to spread it to everyone I meet, to help them get familiar with breastfeeding, feel comfortable sharing their stories, grow and learn and spread the positive things about breastfeeding in a compassionate and meaningful way. I hope that you will share our little corner of the web with others, welcome to our community!

The Cool Girl's Club

Behind the scenes Mother Hen, Mama Christa, and Megz are supported by an amazing group of mom friends from all walks of life. We call ourselves The Cool Girl's Club. There's a long story behind this, a logo, a private group, and a gang symbol. None of which really concerns our general audience. What you should know is that the CGC provides insight, support, research help, and lots of ideas to support this blog. We are a group of boob-baby-mommy-lovin' women and we hope that you enjoy all the contributions we make here!