Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fifth Annual Breastival of Nurslings

Tired of only having self-portrait nursing photos where everything is too dark, out of focus, and quite frankly you can barely tell what is going on? Well, the Breastival of Nurslings is here to fix that and have fun while doing it!

Enjoy a private photo shoot to capture moments between you and your nursing child at the Breastival of Nurslings on Saturday, September 27th 10:30am-2pm - open house. This unique bond between you and your child will be documented forever! Join the in the Facebook event!

The Fifth Annual Breastival of Nurslings will take place in Arden Hills, Minnesota, indoor and outdoor locations are available. The exact address will be provided to attendees. Everyone will get a 10-15 minute mini-session for $15/$20 to photograph a special moment with nursling(s). Understanding that we are working with children and appetites here, there will be some wiggle room if your nursling isn't cooperating. Don't worry, we get it.

Attire Advice: Look around the internet for breastfeeding photos you like... what do they all have in common? Time to throw modesty out the window! No covers, no hiding under baggy shirts - time to "whip 'em out" as they say. Button down shirts or a shirt you can comfortably go up over the top is probably your best bet. Go braless or with a bra that has nothing left on top once you unclip the cup. Less busy the pattern on the clothing the better, plain bold colors or bold patterns work best (like polka dots or solid colors). Also, keep jewelry to a minimum because it distracts from the nursing moment.

Refreshments: Food will be from Wildtree representative Deanna Parriott. We will have plenty of yummy snacks and treats for you to munch on and enjoy. We will also have water available. or

Payment/Product: All tickets must be purchased in advance. You can get the "early boob special" of $15 by making your purchase by September 5th, after that the price goes up to $20. You will receive 7-10 photos via email within 3 weeks after this event. You will have full printing rights so that you may print your photos anywhere. Refunds can only be made prior to September 15th, and it would help if you could find a replacement nursing friend to take your spot. Space is limited at this very exclusive event! Money will be going to the photographers and to cover the cost of our supplies.

Extra children: As space is limited at this engagement please leave non-nursing children at home if possible. We want there to be plenty of space for the mamas and nurslings, and we also want to cut down on things that could be distracting to those who are getting their photos done. We all know how exciting the world can be to a nursling child in a new environment!

Details on HOW to register coming soon - I'm still confirming photographers and then I will update. For now SAVE THE DATE. Hurray!