Friday, June 29, 2012

Thrush at almost 2?!

The dreaded thrush. In my group of girlfriends, it's said in hushed terms and I never quite understood why until one day, I realized my nipples had been KILLING me for a week. Megz suggested thrush and I realized that I had all the symptoms of thrush, Ella was on antibiotics and I had started taking the mini pill. BAM. I have thrush. I can't believe I didn't figure this out nipples are in an unGodly amount of pain, they are bright red, peeling, have had what looks like broken pores on them. It just didn't occur to me that it might be thrush because Ella has been on ABX many times before and she's 20 months old. I've been nursing for over 3 years and I've never had it just didn't occur to me!

First thing I did was mix up coconut oil, tea tree oil and vitamin e oil. The TTO and coconut oil mixture I found on a few different sites and I threw in the Vit E because of the peeling and the extreme dryness from the thrush. I figured it wouldn't hurt. I washed my bras and tanks in hot water and hung them out in the sun the next day. I also started putting an anti-fungal medication on them. I have a friend who has Dr. Newman's nipple cream for thrush and is giving it to me, so I have high hopes for that. I also sat out in my backyard with my nipples in the sun today. I was surprised that it actually made them feel better! And lastly, I'm taking a ton of probiotics daily.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start doing a vinegar rinse. I'm pulling out all the shots because I want this gone. So far, it doesn't appear that my children have oral thrush. I'm not sure how they managed that one other than the fact that they take probiotics everyday. I've increased their probiotics to twice a day and have them eating yogurt everyday and I'm keeping a close eye on their mouths. I know there are multiple natural ways to treat thrush...and as natural minded as I am, I am doing a combination. I just want it GONE and I also don't have insurance temporarily so if it gets worse and needed prescription meds...uhh!

But I now know why thrush is regarded as so awful. It feels like someone is trying to cut my nipples off with broken glass. In fact, I think that would feel better. I keep saying that I have a case of the major man-flu in my nipples because I complain about it...A LOT. But seriously, I've had mastitis, several clogged ducts, over supply, under supply, forceful letdown, cracked nipples, infected nipples...but nothing has been like this. Thrush sucks.


I started writing this post the day I figured out I had thrush and then promptly forgot about it. NOTHING I did was doing me any good. Thank God, a dear friend had Dr. Newman's nipple cream for thrush and gave it to me. I used it and within 3 hours, I already felt 70% better. My second application was at that 3 hour mark and it didn't feel like my nipples were being cut off with a plastic knife. BIG improvement! Within 2 days, my nipples barely even twinged. I kept it up for a little less than a week just to be sure. Thankfully, neither of my girls ever got thrush. I had them on a probiotic twice a day and I was also pumping probiotics into my system.

Thrush sucked. No doubt about it, worst breastfeeding ailment I've experienced thus far. Now I know what all the fuss is about. Thank God for Jack Newman's nipple cream...I'm all about natural treatments but this was so horrible I wanted to cut my nipples off and throw them into the Mississippi River. I honestly considered weaning both girls because of the pain.

Here are some thrush resources.

LLL Fact Sheet
Dr. Newman's Protocol

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