Friday, January 27, 2012

Yay Take Home Chef!

One of our lovely fans on The Normalizing Nursing in Public League (The NNIPL) reported casually seeing breastfeeding on TLC's show Take Home Chef. I rushed right to netflix to check it out. Thanks Shannon!

Season 1 Episode 43 - Eva.

I know, I think so too. :P
The show's premise is that the chef Curtis Stone surprises someone at the supermarket and comes home with them to cook a fabulous family meal. In this episode he finds babywearing* Eva at the market with two of her three children. On the way home the baby begins to cry, and while they make a pit stop off for Curtis to pick up more supplies Eva takes the opportunity to breastfeeding her baby in the parked car. They casually show it in the background as Curtis is getting out of the vehicle. It is subtle, and wonderfully normalizing. The show could have easily shot from a different angle or edited that little scene out - but the left it.

Hip hip hurray for the Take Home Chef! Thank you for having breastfeeding be a part of your show as it is a part of our daily lives and is nothing for the editing room floor.

This made me super happy to see, and just affirms even more one of the ways of exposing breastfeeding I'd like to see on Sesame Street. It doesn't need to be a segment dedicated to talking about breastfeeding, but throw us a bone here Sesame Street.... alternate in nursing and bottle feeding mothers into the backgrounds. Nearly 34,000 petitioners have signed saying they want breastfeeding included in the program, and that number grows daily. Sesame Streets only response is to say that it hasn't fit in with the natural storyline plot. Really... in 25 years there hasn't been one opportunity to showcase or even just having a nursing mother in the background? Pretty weak argument there folks.

P.S. Hey, have you signed the petition yet??

*Eva - please take a lesson in babywearing from  your brother-in-law... "crotch dangling" babywearing can be damaging to your baby's hips. Very easy mistake to make and one I definitely made myself.

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