Tuesday, January 3, 2012

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

Being that this is the first time I have nursed a 1 year old, I'm finding there are some really fun and funny things about nursing an older baby!

One of my favorite things is the nursing gymnastics...he likes to stick his feet in my face so I can smell his stinky feet while he nurses, it's really sweet, and yes...stinky. I love that he will nurse in any old position; laying on top of me, standing on the bed, sitting on the counter, sitting next to me so he can turn his head and look out at all the interesting things his brother is doing, even standing next to me while I lie on the couch. He also seems to think this is terribly funny...haha.

I also just love that he will laugh his little baby booty off at me if I kiss the palms of his hands which are always reaching all over the place.

Even though I crab about it, I really love how he tells me he wants to nurse. I crab because it's generally socially inappropriate to reach down a woman's shirt so boldly. When Chase wants to nurse he pants, presses into me, SHOVES his hand down my shirt, and sucks his fingers. It's pretty hilarious, however embarrassing it might be in public, it's still one of my favorite things.

I especially love the ease with which things flow at this age and stage. I don't give it any thought at all how much he has nursed, if it's been less than an hour before I give him solids, etc. There is no more counting diapers, worrying about his weight, second-guessing. It's great.

I love that he still loves "milkies" more than pretty much any other food and definitely more than any other drink (unless it's in a Klean Kanteen with a sport top...some things you just can't compete with). It's sweet. :D


I love how Ella looks at me and signs "milk" while having her milkies. It warms my heart and absolutely tickles me. It's simply the sweetest thing and probably my favorite thing she does while nursing.

I also love how she giggles when she knows she's about to have milkies. If I ask her if she wants milkies, she'll sign "more" or "milk" and start giggling. Another thing that cracks me up is a silly game we play sometimes. She'll go to latch on and I'll move my breast just a fraction of an inch so her mouth lands on the breast, not the nipple. She pulls back and starts giggling SO hard. It's ADORABLE. We do this several times and she's even gotten to the point where she'll fake me out by pretending to lean forward but then pulling back and laughing at me. That is definitely one of my favorite things about nursing an older baby...the interaction we have.


I love tandem nursing when the true sibling spirit comes forward. They are either peacefully holding hands... or kicking and pinching each other in a whole "who can stay on the nipple longest" show down.

I miss when my son was just a newborn and would raise his eyebrows with each suck. I thought it was something all babies did, but between my two he was the only one. It was melt-your-heart cute.

I love the milky drool smiles and the milk drunk eye rolls.

I love how my toddler treats breastmilk like coffee... he can't function in the morning without atleast two "cups." Don't even try to talk to him, you'll be sorry.

I love how nursing takes a crabby child and makes him/her disappear. Boobie mind eraser works fantastic for defusing a tantrum and just making for a calmer day.


So, what are some of YOUR favorite things? :)


  1. I love all of the above!

    As my baby becomes a toddler, I love seeing her offer milk to her stuffed animals, and wiggle around so she can stick her foot in her sister's face.

    I love it when she walks up to me making slurping noises to let me know what she wants.

    I love when she is done, she gives me a big sloppy milk kiss before climbing down.

    I love it that she tries to see if she can stay latched and sit on my head.

    I love it that I have milk for her when she is sick, and can't keep anything else down.

  2. Everything that you've all said and more! When I was pregnant and just reading about breastfeeding I was convinced it wasn't going to be as easy as I had thought it would be. I'm SO happy every day that we've had a relatively easy time. My son is 17 months today and I don't see him weaning any time soon. There are days when I wish we were done, but then I think about how I'm going to feel when he really is done. I'm going to be heartbroken.

    I love that he's barely been sick in 17 months of life. I love that when he WAS sick it came and went quickly thanks to his "Oose! Oose! Oose!"

    I love that when he's cranky we can take a quick break in a dark room and I can restore him to his pleasant self.

    I love the big smile with the boob in his mouth :)