Monday, January 2, 2012

Retweet to ask Sesame Street to redo Breastfeeding Scene

This came across the breastfeeding groups on Facebook and I had to copy it here for our fans that might not have Facebook. I think this is a fantastic idea! 

"Can as many of you re-tweet this it about getting Kourtney Kadashian to redo the Sesame Street BFing seen... I know a lot of people think she isn't the right Celeb but here's why I think she is... The reason I think Kourtney would be great is, she is very pro breastfeeding, co-sleeping and general AP... They have such a large young following that it would really help the next generation realize that breastfeeding is natural... Its easier to send a positive message to a younger generation then to try to change people who already have there minds made up... There are plenty of other celebs that could do it but I think she would make the biggest positive breastfeeding impact on the youth. here's the tweet!/NatalieDoula/status/153703500361105412"

It's been 24 years since breastfeeding was shown on Sesame Street.... I think it's about time for another remake! Don't you?? Let's not just try for Kardashian... let's tweet about all current and upcoming breastfeeding celebrities... I will link them here as they come;!/TheGoodLetdown