Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Response ...

I have a few things to say about the words written in the comments of Mother Hen's blog a while back: I'll Show You Classy

No one is attacking anyone. We all respect those who choose not to nurse their babies in public, but those mothers have no place going around telling those who choose to fight for their LEGALLY PROTECTED RIGHT embarrassing. And no, we are peaceful bloggers, we did not send anyone to your blog, Nonnie, we would not ever do such a thing. We don't control the masses, we don't make foolish requests that our followers go spam anyone's wall or blog with hateful remarks.

Our purpose here is simply to inform, share OUR opinions (and yes, sometimes we review other blog posts in doing this, but not in a malicious manner), and engage in conjecture with our readers. We do not pass judgement on other bloggers or send our readers over to do so. In order to reference a post and discuss our opinion of it (be it positive or negative) we have to post a link though, and we cannot control what others do.

To the poster who said "maybe she wants others to cover to protect them from perverts," while I don't believe this is the case, it doesn't matter. If it WERE the case, it's up to each woman to choose to "protect" herself or not. The fact is, you can't even see a breast most of the time when a mother nurses in public, and who's to say some fetishist out there isn't still drooling and jerking off to the idea of a nursing mother?

Lest we not forget that women get harassed even when they are being discreet, when they are covered, and when they are not. Women get dirty looks and glares regardless. Our society is so sexually saturated that people cannot even handle the IDEA of a mother nursing her baby out in the open...covered or not.

Mother Hen did NOT attack the blog, she did not "vilify" another mother, she did not throw stones. She simply is speaking to a greater issue in our culture of shunning nursing mothers, and saying "funny" things at their expense when they go to fight for what is their right: To nurse their children. Regardless of whether or not YOU or any one else would choose to sit on a park bench, grocery store bench, restaurant chair, covered or not to nurse your baby is not the's a society that prevents mothers who DO nurse this way (discreetly) from doing so.

I am not Jewish, but I would support the fight against anti-semitism. I am not black, but I support the fight for equal treatment. I am not hispanic, but I support the fight for equal treatment. I am not muslim (though my husband is) and I support the fight for understanding of the culture and for equal treatment. I am not poor, but I support the fight against poverty.

SOME mothers do not nurse in public, and that's fine, but the least we can do is support each other as mothers, because that is what matters.

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