Friday, January 13, 2012

Can You Tell Me How To Get... How to Get Breastfeeding Back on Sesame Street...

There's a big of buzz going around the web on bringing breastfeeding back to Sesame Street. Our first steps are to get Sesame Street on board and drive up public interest in the idea. After that, finding a willing star or two for the video. That's a ways off, but there are things we call all do now to help keep the momentum going. And just as a reminder, we're not asking Sesame Street to take away any bottle feeding scenes, we'd just like to see a mix of how children are fed - as it is in reality. And it's nothing new, breastfeeding has been on Sesame Street in the past..... but has been mysteriously missing for almost 25 years. Sesame Street says that it just hasn't come up in the storyline to have another breastfeeding message... I have to throw a big fat BS flag on that, but atleast they seem receptive to adding some in the future. 

What you can do to help:

First - Please take a moment to sign this petition to bring breastfeeding back to Sesame Street. Back in the 70's and 80's nursing was tastefully shown on the show but now they have replaced their nursing videos with bottles. If we normalize breastfeeding in our community, especially with our children, we can help raise a generation of breastfeeders which will support our economy, make for healthier children and lessen the risk of breast cancer for many nursing mamas!

Second - Share the petition with everyone you know! 

Third - Tweet Tweet Tweet! Here is a blog with some great step by step instructions on how your tweeting and using specific hash tags will help; Retweet is SUPER EASY. Literally you can click on the #BFBack2SesameSt hash that will take you to the list of everyone else's tweets and you can just go down the list retweeting them all!

Some ideas for Sesame Street.... they are constantly remaking and updating classics, I think it's time for an update on this old mammals nursing video; 

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