Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's New for 2012? You Tell us!

Dear Readers,

Have you ever noticed that there are no ads, sponsored or otherwise on our page? This is a great way for blogs with high traffic to make money, Google AdSense could be paying us for you clicking on ads on our sidebar. We could be making money doing this.

Have you ever noticed that we don't sell you anything at all here? We don't sell products (though we do recommend some here and there and have given away a few clever wares) or subscriptions or encourage you to join a paid forum, all things we COULD do to make a little money.

We don't do this because we aren't in this for the money. We are willing to spend a few hours a week writing blogs, answering your questions on the Facebook page, and supporting breastfeeding mothers and the overall cause of breastfeeding as volunteers. Between the three of us and our extended "nursing nerd" friend network, few moms would walk away from us with an unresolved issue. We're pretty good, and yes, we'll pat our own backs for that because we have worked hard to learn, read, research, ask questions, get real, reliable answers. We didn't (and don't) do all that hard work in the effort to make money though. Strange isn't it? Even some of our favorite breastfeeding support blogs have ads, sponsors, and other streams of income.

So, why DO we have this blog? I mean, it DOES take time from our day to do, and it does require a fair bit of effort, since their are opportunities to make a little green in the process...shouldn't we? No...not at all. We created this blog with one thing in mind:


That's it. We just want to talking about the crazy to mundane, the simple to complex things that come up in our lives with our nurslings and in our interactions with other mothers. We believe that by discussing these things with a broad audience, we can not only normalize breastfeeding a little at a time, we can also reach women who might otherwise have fallen into countless "Booby Traps." We do it because it gives us a thrill EVERY SINGLE TIME we make the smallest difference. If it was because we helped a mom advocate for herself with a care provider pushing formula, helping a mom trouble-shoot a slow-gainer, or even just reassuring mom that she is right about an instinct...we are thrilled to pass along a little wisdom, encouragement, wit, or advice. It literally puts wind in our sails.

Over the last year we have talked a few times about "monetizing" this blog, seeking sponsors, and expanding in different ways...but we have decided none of this will help us help mothers, so it serves no purpose. What we DO think will help mothers is to get your input on the value of different things we are considering doing in the new year.

1. Are you loyal readers interested in the occasional VLog (video blog) from us homely breastfeeding mothers? If we did do VLogs, what would you like to see/hear?

2. Are you interested in more giveaways and winning stuff? We haven't done a lot of giveaways the last half of the year, but if it's something you would like us to invest some more time in speak up. And if you make a product and would like to participating in a giveaway - even better. Saves us the effort of seeking you out. This may lead to larger product sponsors, meaning we would be plugging for certain corporations and possibly showing ads for them...would you be OK with this?

3. Are you interested in topics other than breastfeeding? What other topics would you like us to blog about?

4. Expanding on our Guest Blog tradition, how would you feel about "Letters to..." series from readers...submitted letters to providers, family, children, or friends about specific situations, "wish-I-had-knowns," etc?

5. Are you interested in monthly collages as we did in the first half of last year?

What else would you like to see from The Good Letdown? We blog for YOU, our readers so it's only right that we find out what you want from this blog and our Facebook page.

IF we do monetize at some point and ad in sponsors and advertisers, we would be *very* selective about the ads on our page. And the money would not go into our pockets. We discussed at great length the possibility of monetizing and decided that if we, at some point, decided to dip our toes into that, all of the money would go towards events (such as The Big Latch On or Boobs and Brunch...because those events came totally out of our own pockets), giveaways, contests, a little bit of advertising etc. Again, that's a BIG if and it's not happening now.

What's already in the works?
So with our new look (have you noticed? We kinda heart it!!), comes some new plans! In the coming weeks you will start to see additions to our new page up in the tabs, A Little Bit Green, a place for us to talk about some of our experiences going greener in our households in the interest of our families' health and a brighter tomorrow. You will also see a much awaited addition to the "Early Breastfeeding Obstacles Series" about pregnancy and birth choices, we have waited to delve into this to make sure we had good sources, excellent back up for everything we write. With that you will see us open up into talking more about birth, because here at The Good Letdown, we believe that birth impacts breastfeeding so greatly that it should be written about.

Additionally we have added two new authors to the blog, they will both be administrators on the Facebook page as well. Keep an eye out for our new author introduction post and some new posts, most anticipated being the ones upcoming about nursing an allergic baby! We are always striving to provide a wide range of support for nursing mothers of all kinds!

Two existing authors are currently in the process of becoming accredited/certified in a couple different ways. We can't fully disclose, but what we can disclose we will. Just know that we are working hard to be the best and most qualified web-support possible.

Watch our Resource page for links to excellent articles about some of the most frequently asked questions we get. We will be filling that out in the first half of this year, as well as adding links to some of our favorite mom-support pages on Facebook and the rest of the web.

Thank you for celebrating our second New Year's with us...we hope changes and growth bring more support and resources for moms. Keep spreading the word, don't be afraid to talk about breastfeeding to new people, we will turn the tide and get breast milk to more babies!


  1. I tried to comment yesterday, but it timed out, so here it goes again. I love this blog and the support I have received from the Facebook page the past year +. I would really enjoy guest blogs (I enjoyed the last couple)!
    I wouldn't probably watch videos as my prime internet time is while nursing my 15 month old to sleep, so no noise. :) And I don't really care about giveaways. I like having someplace to go to read about breastfeeding and to encourage others to have as great a journey as I've had so far. Great work ladies!

  2. Articles about breastfeeding toddlers are of great interest to me or stories from moms who did breast feed toddlers. Questions I have include, how old was the child the last time she fed at the breast, how did the last feeding happen, does the child remember breast feeding after a few years went by or after very many years went by. Does it really seeem like you are closer with your child when compared to other moms who bottle fed their baby or who did not breast feed during the toddler years? Does your relationship with your teeenager feel easier because you breast fed your toddler? How old is too old to breastfed? How did you decide that you were done and do you regret stopping when you did? See, I'm just hungery for toddler information and am desperate to connect with people who nurse their toddlers. Thank you, Jessica

  3. We might need to rely on some guest blogs for much of that as our children are pretty young still and the only weaned one was Megz's first at 8 months. We'll work on it though! :)