Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visit with the Grandparents

So, last month I blogged about how I was nervous about my grandparents staying with me for 10 days over Thanksgiving because I knew this year I wouldn't be able to hide nursing a 3 year old. He's super obvious about when he wants his booby drink. I avoid awkward surprise situation I wanted to give them a heads up in advance, and that ended up happening through my dad talking to them about it. I have no idea what their initial reaction was, but the visit went beautifully and there weren't negative moments as far as I could tell. 

I believe it was their first or second morning here that they were in the diningroom with Chicken Little while I was in the kitchen. They must have been looking at a cow of some kind and I heard something like "Well, that's not the only source where he gets milk." Ears immediately perk up and I felt a little nervous. At this point I had no idea if my dad had even remembered to talk to them, and now I knew he had. 

Most of my son's nursings happen before/after sleep cycles, but I did nurse him a few times in front of them if he asked for a bonus boob. Everyone seemed comfortable with it. Whew! 

I got to learn a bit about my grandmothers breastfeeding experience, which was wonderful (perhaps I'll ask her to do a guest blog spot!). She had two boys and breastfed both of them. My dad is the oldest, and in Illinois 1955 they kept the baby in the nursery and only brought them to the mothers on a schedule. But they fed the babies bottles of formula in the nursery if they were crying. She remembered being so frustrated that by the time they brought him to her he wasn't hungry anymore and wouldn't nurse. When she asked why they didn't bring the baby to her when he cried the nurses reply was that it wasn't TIME to bring the baby. Oh my.... Grrrr!!! She said she was the only one of her friends to breastfeed and she didn't even realize it wasn't a thing to do because everyone in her family had always breastfed. 

My 14 month old daughter Chicklett stole big brothers sippy at one point and I jokingly scolding her telling her to give it back to him. My grandma had a great one liner come back saying, "Now, to be fair she shares her sippy's with him!" Ha ha ha! Good one grandma. 

All in all a pleasant coming-out-of-the-toddler-nursing-closet experience. 


  1. That's delightful! Congrats on crossing that bridge and now you can relax and share with your family and not worry about their views. They obviously love you enough to just go with what you are doing.

  2. Isn't it great being part of a line of breastfeeders? It's just what we've all always done, and I love that formula has played a minimal role in the history of my family! My own Grandma told them to shove it when they said her milk would poison my mom :-D

  3. Whew! All that stress for nothing, right? Good news. Now, if only I could do the same!