Friday, December 30, 2011

It IS hard to cover up

It makes me batty when breastfeeding mothers battle against other breastfeeding mothers saying that "they cover and respect other people." What about being uncovered makes people believe that there is an act of disrespect going on? 99% of uncovered breastfeeding mothers hardly show any skin at all.

We're all just feeding our children and need to stick together. The women being harassed for nursing in public aren't just the rare ones that bare some extra skin. Even covered mothers are harassed.

Then there are folks that think the covered mothers are giving us a bad name. So long as mother and child are comfortable being covered, I feel to-each-their-own. For a brief time I had to cover because my daughter was a distracted nurser out in public. It was either use a cover or stay home. You don't know that mothers reason for using a cover... so don't judge. Give her a smile, thumbs up, and hand her a "thank you for nursing in public" card.

We're all in the same boat and need to stop pointing fingers at each other thinking that any one of us is superior to the other.

All that being said... I'd love to see some new "it's hard to cover up" videos. We like to do this every once in a while, just to show that not all kids like to be covered and also that without a cover you really can't see much anyway. Please make your video and either upload it right on our Facebook wall or put it on YouTube and post the link. We've had some funny great videos in the past.