Thursday, November 24, 2011

X-Post: Need a doula? Buy 4 hours get 4 hours FREE ends Nov 27th, 2011

Cross Posted from Lucky Duck Saves a Buck... a great website for finding out deals and tips to save your family money! Check it out! Our very own Mama Christa has a new business venture and a great deal featured in this post.


Being pregnant is a lot of work. Like, We expecting mama's sometimes need help. We need a massage, the laundry done, someone to rub our feet when we can no longer see them. We need someone to reassure us about fears like, "Is my baby nursing enough" or "He's been sleeping for 3 hours, he never sleeps for 3 hours at a time, is that normal?" My warm, loving and compassionate friend Christa Johnson is an ante and post partum Doula located in the metro area of Minnesota. She is offering a deal on her services, Buy 4 hours, get 4 hours free, through Nov 27th, 2011.

This is such a wonderful gift to be given. I wish I would have had doula care after the birth of my son. Family and friends are nice and wonderful, but sometimes, you just need someone to care for you apart from family and friends who can be, well, a little overwhelming. Christa is a bubbly, tender, affectionate person who lights up the room when she enters. She is an amazing mother herself, she has two beautiful little girls, both born early, both spending time in the NICU. She is passionate about many things, but especially about breast feeding...don't worry, if you don't breast feed, no judgment! She runs a successful blog with two of her friends, The Good Letdown and has most recently been accepted to train as a breast feeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA.

Just some of the services that Christa offers as a ante or post partum Doula are:
  • Bed rest assistance
  • Sibling Care
  • Errands
  • Home care/Meal prep
  • Emotional Support and Education
I can't brag enough about Christa and this invaluable service of being a Doula. It is the best gift to get yourself or your loved one. Especially at these yours today! Contact Christa to schedule.

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