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NNIPL November - Secret Agents Week Three

Here's our enlisted Nursing in Public secret agents for the third week of November and also some reports back on NIP's for previous weeks!! Interested in being an agent for next week? Email in your info and a picture if you'd like to include that to by noon Sunday. NNIPL agents - please report back by Friday on how your experiences went this week and include photos of you nursing in public if you've got 'em! 
Uh…. Sorry I have been world’s worst (or would it be best?) slacker this week. Mama Christa and I got to meet Ina May Gaskins on Sunday… and then I don’t know what happened. Couple my usual procrastination with unusual children sleeping situations with my husband being home a lot because of some construction going on so then I couldn’t BS on the computer during the kids nap times because I felt like I should hang out with him…etc, etc, etc.

Better late than never….

Hello my name is Amber and I am a mommy to two sweet children Carmen 3 years old and Nico 8 weeks old. I am commiting to nurse at church.  Not in the Mother's Room or the Cry Room, I am going to breastfeeding while sitting with the rest of the congregation while listen to the sermon.  I hate to isolate myself to simply breastfeed my little guy so, I am not!  It is often deemed taboo to breastfeed during church.  Jesus was breastfed and it was the way God intended it. 

This week I have nursed in public 3 times so far.

The first was Tuesday night, again I was with my friend Rachelle. We went to eat at Poquitos on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Her baby is 5 months old (I said 4 months last time, but I was off a few weeks) and my baby is 10 months old. We still haven't learned that taking them out to eat isn't a good idea : ).  We attempted anyway. All was well until just before we got our food. Her baby started crying, and it was the boob to the rescue! My little guy was really interested in the guacamole, so I planned on nursing after. Our food came and Rachelle managed to eat and nurse at the same time (superstar nurser! See terribly blurry picture). Before we could finish eating the babies decided that they were done with the restaurant and started crying and egging each other on. The lovely waiters packed up the remaining tacos and our virgin margarita's and we said adios. I did not nurse here this night (though I have in the past), so Rachelle was the sole nursing secret agent. She did not use a cover and honestly, I don't think anyone even knew she was nursing.

Thursday night I went out with my friend Briana who has a 7 week old. We went to a meet the author event/book reading for Go The F**k to Sleep at Elliot Bay Books. This is not a book to actually read to your child, but since our babies are so young, we thought they wouldn't remember or pick up any bad words from it. Both babies were hungry when we got there, so after arriving late and sneaking to seats that involved other people having to get up to let us through, we both whipped out our boobs. Her baby was in the Moby and she nursed him in there easily. My baby is easily distracted, so after a few gulps, he needed to move on to other things which involved him wiggling to the floor and crawling into the aisle while I struggled to reclasp my bra and catch him. Again, I don't think anyone even noticed we were nursing despite the chaos of the escape baby mid NIP. I nursed him on the walk home though in the Ergo with the help of my nursing tunick which has zippers in the front for access so I don't have to take my coat off while nursing outside (my favorite nursing thing ever!). I walked several blocks home with him happily latched on and walked by tons of people, and not one person seemed to notice.

Friday I went out with my wife, and friends Joseph and Juan. We went to a nearby restaurant and were seated next to a nursing mom! How cool is that? She was there with her partner and another couple and was nursing without a cover. After ordering, I nursed my little guy to make sure he was going to be a happy camper while we ate. They had TV's there and he was very interested at looking at them, so it was sip sip sip, unlatch, turn around to look at the screen, and then back to me to pop back on. This involved a lot of nipple cover from me since he was unlatched so much. I have big boobs (Size J) so this little game was challenging to keep the boob hoisted into position and to keep from flashing everyone repeatedly with his latching on and off.  The other nursing mom noticed as did our waitress and a couple at another table. There were smiles all around at his silly antics with the TV, but no one seemed bothered in the least with my nursing.

- Audrey
Seattle, WA

So, I had planned on nursing Elizabeth at the doctor's office, but the hubs took her on some errands during my appointment. We ended up going to Subway for lunch and I nursed her while we ate. :).
We also had the babe's first birthday pictures taken at Portrait Innovations in Northville, MI.  She did an amazing job and the photos are SO cute.  Towards the end she got a little cranky and starting signing for milk, so as we picked out our favorite poses and prints, Elizabeth had some boob.  The photographer was sitting right next to us showing us the photos.  She didn't even bat an eye!  We were also in a very crowded room, with lots of other families-not one side eye, not one person stared. In fact, a sweet mamma (with her small toddlers) smiled and said, "oh its time for a snack, huh?"
We had a wonderful week, and I hope everyone else had great experiences!

So I nursed all over the pediatrician's office today.  And I didn't get much of a reaction from anyone. No reaction is better than a negative one! 
- she's giving me the ol' stink eye for disturbing her nums.
-look what the room had up! Yay!
Jessica and baby (one year old!) Elizabeth.

Here are some shots of NIP at the Jerusalem (yes, the real Jerusalem, Israel) zoo. No issues whatsoever, despite people of all religions and conservative backgrounds... it is a very baby-oriented society here...(normal to take kids to weddings etc..)..
BTW, the baby is a 7 month old boy -Nadav.

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  1. Go mamas! Go mamas! I love reading everyone's stories. Thanks for organizing this.