Sunday, October 30, 2011

NNIPL November - Secret Agents Week One

Here's our enlisted Nursing in Public secret agents for the first week of November!! Interested in being an agent for next week? Email in your info and a picture if you'd like to include that to by noon Sunday. NNIPL agents - please report back by Friday on how your experiences went this week and include photos of you nursing in public if you've got 'em! 

I know it's still officially October but I had this pic of me nursing in the Crossroads Mall in Waterloo, Iowa on  Saturday.  No cover, on a bench right outside one of the big stores (Penney's I think).  I had about 70 people walk by and only one little old lady took a second look, and then smiled!
Next week I will be nursing in the dr's waiting room while I wait to get my ultrasound. 


Hello! Here where we live in Colorado Springs CO there is a small theme park called The North Pole.. I plan on going on Monday and can definitely do my part and nip there! Not sure on a time or if it's positive I'll go, (dd has been sick this weekend, I'm hoping she will feel better) Either way I'll let you know! And I plan on nursing with NO cover!! Thanks!~Melinda

Hello! My name is Rachel. I am a 21 yr old, full time college student, and mommy of a 3 year old girl, who self-weaned just before her 2nd birthday, and a 10 month old boy. I am going to commit to nursing in public at the Knoxville Zoo, in Knoxville, TN this week! I have nursed in public many times in my almost 3 years of breastfeeding, but I am much more confident this time around than I was when my daughter was younger. Although my mom breastfed all three of her children for a year, my parents were not very supportive of me nursing in public. It took some time, but I have succeeded in normalizing it for them, and I hope to do he same for many other people.

I want to participate in the November challenge. I NIP nearly every week depending on where we need to go. I am a homeschooling mom of 4 children, 3 boys age 11, 5 and 3 and a new baby girl who is 7 weeks. our oldest boy is adopted but I have nursed all the others for a total of over 4 years nursing so I am not new to NIP at all. I will be NIP on Sunday at church in Austin, MN.  Monday at the dentist in Northwood and the Orthodontist's office in Mason City, IA. Tuesday at a friend's house for lady's Bible study, though that is not very public. Oh and depending on how long we stay at the costume harvest part tonight at the elementary school with the kids, I may NIP there as well:)
Baby girl goes everywhere with me and at 7 weeks nurses every 2 hours at least so I am glad that I am comfortable NIP, have never had a bad experience. though I think the strangest NIP time I have had was a few weeks ago when I nursed her through a cleaning at the dentist's office. I did use a light blanket so she didn't get anything on her or look into the bright light. not sure what the dentist thought:) but I didn't ask permission.

I am 24. I have 2 beautiful healthy children. 22 mo daughter  i nursed until 10 mo when i found out i was expecting my 2 nd baby.  I didn't know anything about nursing while pregnant and stopped cold turkey. And after a few weeks of engorgement and pain i was on a mission to figure this whole breastfeeding thing out. I've done tons of reading and found out i didn't have to stop nursing which broke my heart.  So i found the leakie boob and good let down on facebook.  And went to wic here in my town and tried to contact lll but was disipointed to find out they don't do meetings. So i created Yuma on tap page on facebook.  And have a few very few moms there.  And try to have meetings but only one will show. So i have talked to wic LC and a few other women but i have had no luck with my attempt to spread the breast feeding word.  I want moms in this town to know and have support because not everyone has wic or know about lll. So eventually i want to team up with wic and lll and have outreach programs for breast feeding support.  I need help! And information.  I still haven't gotten a hold of the yuma arizona lll. But any who my son was born july 22 snd has been thriving on boobie milk. 15.4 oz at last check. My first had so much trouble and i had to supplement at first. Iam proud to be able to. Breast feed my baby.  And i would love to be a nnip agent.  

Hi!! My name is Holly aka Lynne lol :) I have a 23.5 month old and he is a super nurser! :) He nurses ALL. THE. TIME :) Comfort, tired, hungry, thirsty, BORED, etc :) He eats solids really well too but is not ready to stop nursing yet at all lol! :) I will be NIP Sunday at my church (The Grace Place, Colorado Springs, CO) sometime between 10:30 and noon. I will be NIP Wednesday but not sure where/when. Thursday the 2nd I will be nursing at the Fountain/Widefield/Security CO MOMS Club!! :) (also looking for new members so holler if interested!!!) Probably at least one other day I will be getting out of the house and be nursing too! :) Anytime we leave the house you can pretty much guarantee that we will be NIP since kiddo nurses all the time :) 


  1. I wish I had a photo...I nursed walking down the street, in the pouring rain, Little Man would not wait the few minutes it took to walk from the bus to Grandmas house.

  2. Good job ladies!
    Wow to Brea... I dont think I could nurse my little one while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. That takes the cake.
    Cant wait to see pictures.