Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Blogiversary

Hey - so how about that! We've been around for a year! Let's take a peek back at our most popular blog posts of the year;

"Early Breastfeeding Obstacles" - We currently have six posts in our "obstacle" series and they have been passed around quite a bit. So happy to everyone who has shared them with new and expecting mothers. I can only imagine how valuable the information was to them, and we hope it made their journey into breastfeeding much easier and pleasant. The information is timeless, and we hope you will continue to spread the word. Catching people early so they do not fall for booby traps just helps to break the myth that breastfeeding is impossible.

"PSA about how Facebook Walls are Not People." After losing a few real life friends over how they incorrectly perceived me to be based on my Facebook wall I wrote this public service announcement. I hoped that it would prevent myself from losing even more friends, and I also thought it really applies to anyone who posts a lot of information. Online communication is difficult and often times I think it is easy to have a picture painted of yourself that is ultimately totally untrue.

"Why All the Breastfeeding Posts? " This also came about the same time as the PSA post. I was still hurt and reeling from the reaction of real life friends, and I also started to wonder what most people must think of me with the near daily breastfeeding informational posts. So, I wanted to clear the air and explain why it was important to me to continue to spread the word.

"Don't Even Tell Me You Tried" An online acquaintance of mine reached out for advice when someone in her life was completely and utterly setting herself up for failure of breastfeeding. It still makes my blood boil when I go back through and think of the details of that week and how this woman clearly really did not want to breastfeed. Lies like hers are so damaging to the world of breastfeeding, because that doubt just crushes so many new mothers will to breastfeeding. Any little obstacle and we assume that we must be that rare case of mom who just cannot breastfeed. Doubt is a horrible thing.

"Guest Blog: You're Doing a Real Great Job..." This was one of our wonderful guest blog posts from a fan who wanted to share her horrible experience of nursing in public. It takes a strong woman to stand in the face of discrimination and stand her ground.

We'd also like to pay a little homage to other sites that have been linking and directing traffic our way!
Thank so much to....
Life As A Reader
Melissa Beck

When we started this blog, we really had no idea it would turn into the amazing thing that it has! We just wanted to talk about breastfeeding and our experiences. We all 3 had breastfed our first babies and fully intended on breastfeeding our second. But there was so much more to it. Our experiences, despite our success in breastfeeding, were so vastly different and it was obvious that not all breastfeeding stories are easy! We wanted to share our stories and insights and if people wanted to read about them? Well great! But we couldn't have known that The Good Letdown would become this amazing, supportive little corner of the online universe. We love our fans so much. Thank you for being a part of this! We can't wait for the next year (and the next, and the next...). We have lots of fun things planned for the second year!

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