Monday, August 29, 2011

I just want to talk about breastfeeding

I was sitting here thinking 'crap, I haven't blogged in FOREVER...bad Mama Christa, BAD!' I was talking to Megz and I asked her what I should blog about. She was no help. I sat here and I thought "I just want to talk about breastfeeding, that's it!". Then it occured to me...that's what I can blog about.

So the other day I was out at some garage sales and I ran into a mama who had a package of preemie diapers. I asked her if she'd had a preemie and she said she had twin girls. She also had some breastfeeding stuff so of course we started talking about breastfeeding. I must have stood there...ohhh I don't know, 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Talking about breastfeeding and preemies. I finally tore myself away from this mama because I figured it was about that time. On to the next sale. Somehow I managed to bring up breastfeeding to that mama as well. Just briefly this time, but it came up nonetheless. Fast forward a few hours, I'm at yet another garage sale. BOO YA. Now here's where the BIG conversation came up. I'm talking breastfeeding, birth, midwives, doulas....with a couple...and the papa is involved in the conversation. It must have been at LEAST 30 minutes of running off at the mouth.

I love talking. I'm a VERY social person and I really enjoy chatting with anyone who will chat with me (well, for the most part...). But if you talk to me about breastfeeding? I can't stop. I. Can't. STOP! I love talking about it. I just do. I love educating and supporting mamas. I love educating and supporting papas. I love reminiscing. I don't even realize I'm doing it but I bring it up to complete strangers almost daily. Whenever someone comments on Ella's chubby knees: "Mama's milk will do that!" I'll say. Or when Olivia has a mild cold and I'm sick as a dog: "Lucky for her she's breastfed!" It's just normal for me. The funny thing is, I don't do it on purpose. It is a part of my everyday conversation and life just like anything else. I talk about it like I talk about the weather.

Which brings me to a little tangent. And I'll try really hard not to go on and on about this. But when I talk about breastfeeding? I'm not being a "breastfeeding nazi" (as we've been called). I'm not wearing my breastapo uniform. I'm not hailing the Head Breast. I'm literally just talking about my life and the things I"m passionate about. I talk about my kids non stop too. I talk about sewing quite a bit. I talk about my husband...Desperate Housewives...chai tea. But I've never been called a Tea Nazi. Nor have I been told I'm part of the Sew-stapo. So why is it, when I talk about breastfeeding, I'm a breastfeeding Nazi? Oh and guys? They talk about stuff too. My husband talks about cars. He's not the Car gestapo. What about when guys talk about their balls itching? (Grooooss!) Are they they Cock Nazis? And WHY oh WHY do people think it's okay to make light of the holocaust by using the term "nazi" everytime someone is passionate about something? Get over it. Just get over it.

Okay, tangent over. Btw, this post wasn't planned out or edited. I just wanted to talk about breastfeeding.


  1. love it. totally agree. i can't stop either! sometimes i wonder if i will get tired of extolling the incredible virtues of breastfeeding, but apparently not. and I agree, I wonder who started attaching Nazi to the end of it..probably Nestle ;)

  2. Breastfeeding is not talked about enough! Thank you for taking up some of the slack.

  3. Love this! I feel the same way...I also seem to sneak in a discussion about natural birth or breastfeeding. I can't help it!