Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And so begins the biting...

Being bitten while breastfeeding is such a taboo and difficult subject. For many woman, just the idea of it is the sole reason for them not breastfeeding at all. For another chunk of women the first bite is the end of the breastfeeding relationship. For me? Well, it's just one little annoying phase to work through.

Chicklett currently has four teeth. Her two bottom front teeth are almost totally up and then her top two front teeth are about 1/4 of the way out. Overall she has been a happy unaffected by teething baby. Whew!

Last night she was trying to have a party until 10:30pm instead of going to sleep around 8pm like normal. I was tired, so I just put us in bed and left a night light on for her. She was immediately super upset, which is not like her. I thought maybe she was actually tired. I turned off the light and tried to nurse her, she arched her back and screamed at me in defiance on the first latch. Owie gums maybe? I rubbed some Hylands teething gel on there and tried again after a few minutes. Same reaction. She gnawed on my arm with her sharp little teeth so I brought some toys in bed for her to chew on instead. Eventually she became tired and nursed to sleep like normal.

Generally Chicklett wakes 2-4 times a night and just does a dream feed. I hardly even know she's there or that we were up. But last night... the first dream feed... it happened. She NAILED me. First latch, full on clamp chomp of ultimate owie owie ow. I was so surprised!! She's half asleep.... why? why? why?? In her half asleep situation there was no way I was going to try and coach her about how completely uncool that was to do to me. She giggled a little at my jump, and just rolled over and went back to sleep. I've nursed her 3 times since then and I am on HIGH ALERT. CODE RED. READY TO POUNCE! As soon as she starts to slow down in sucking I get ultra nervous. This is definitely my least favorite part of nursing, but it is in no way a reason to end it for me. With my son I was only bit 3-4 times before he figured out that it was a bad thing. I'm hoping Chicklett will learn just as fast.

Some moms never get bit at all. I was hoping I would be one this time around because Chicklett is not much of a comfort nurser, whereas Chicken Little was on the boob 20 hours a day whether he was eating or not. Here I was hoping that difference would be the key. Less time on the boob equals less chance of being chomped. Last night could have been a fluke I suppose. When/If she decides to bite me again I will have to go through these tips from a previous post and train her just like I did big brother. Baby's don't want to hurt us, they are just looking for a way to relieve some of that pressure from the teeth. Give them something they CAN chew on and your life will be a lot easier!


  1. Ooh, I'm NOT looking forward to this!! Hope you can 'train' her not to bite you again! Zion http://mammasforvictory.blogspot.com/

  2. it was an awful time for us. the night of nightmares had her bite me HARD several times in a row. she was exhausted, and so was I, and we were at a friend's house so i felt super conscious that she was keeping the house and their baby awake with her screams. It was so painful that I actually resorted to slapping her cheek! I NEVER thought i would be a parent who hit her child but I was SO desperate, and nothing was working! not yelling, not keeping my finger close to break the latch, not rubbing her gums! It wasn't even a thought out plan on my part, it was just the gut reaction that I need to STOP THE PAIN NOW!!! She cried more, and I felt terrible, tried to latch her on again and the same thing!!!!! she finally did stop biting and start nursing, and we slept, and things got better quickly, but I will always think about that night and how terrible it was!