Saturday, July 30, 2011

An update on all the babes!

We've been doing this blog for quite a while and we all shared our birth stories and have kind of talked about our nurslings here and there but we haven't done a really good update in a while! So we're all coming together and doing a post together to talk about what's going on with our babes!

Ella (Mama Christa's babe):

Ella is a big fat chunky boobie baby at almost 10 months old (holy crap!!). She's about 17 pounds and has more rolls then Chase and Chicklett put together. She's sitting, saying a few words and scooting on her back, only going backwards (it's hilarious). She IS trying to crawl though and I'm pretty sure it's right around the corner. We started a few solids here and there when she was 7 months old (5.5 months adjusted). I had full intended on waiting until she was 6 months adjusted but it kind of just happened one night when we had squash. She was pretty lukewarm about solids until recently. We tried a few purrees but she couldn't have cared less so we are doing baby led weaning. If we're eating something she can eat, I give her some. There is no real hard schedule as to when she gets food, we're pretty casual about solids around here (TOTAL opposite about how I was with Olivia!!). She loves feeding herself though and in the last week or 2 has really got into food. Nothing like Chase (MOOSE!), but she enjoys feeding herself. Overall, Ella is a major boobie baby and nurses generally every 2 to 3 hours, but if there is a boob, she will take it. Preemie WHAT?? :-D

Chicklett (Mother Hen's babe):

She is 9.5 months old and still nursing strong! She has two bottom and top teeth and has nibbled me, but so far so good on her learning it's not a fun thing to do to me. We started purees at 6 months, to which she immediately spit everything back out. We figured she just wasn't ready for food yet, so we just took it easy in offering it a few times a week. After about two months of occasionally offering purees I threw in the towel and have been doing more of a baby-led-weaning approach. Since about 5 months old she has been very demanding and grabbing at our plates, so one could say she's been giving me a hint for a very long time. She just wants real food. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around what or how to just give her food... but we're learning. Favorite foods are probably black beans, steamed carrots, rice puffs, and mum mum crackers. She was born at 7 pounds 3 ounces and she was weighed at 9 months old 14 pounds 4 ounces. She is a peanut! Other milestones would be crawling (she's got a mean army crawl), jabbering "mamama" "dadadada", waving, and dropping down to two naps a day.

Chase Racer (Megz's Babe)

Chase is 9 months old and a total booby baby. Through our move he was given no bottles and thus will now frequently refuse a bottle of pumped milk which is a pain in the butt if we are in a pinch and need him to take one. But hey, less work for mama! He is up to about 20 pounds now, according to our bathroom scale. He went through a busy stage during which he hardly nursed at all during the day, but with our trip up to MN, suddenly he started nursing like a maniac during the day, though he still nurses A LOT at night. We've both gotten really good at mobile nursing now...I can hold him in arms, NOT supporting my boob, and walk around the house while he nurses if need be. I never reached this sweet spot with Aiden. We nurse in our Ergo all over the place. Chase and I are a little better team. He is now eating solids and we give him chunks of food instead of purees, baby-led weaning works well for our family. He totally loves to chomp and has 3 table meals a day, and still nurses as much as he does without those meals. His favorite foods are avocados, bananas, cheese, and mama's homemade oatmeal muffins! Chase also just LOVES a sippy cup and thinks water is the greatest thing invented since the boob. During our trip, I was driving alone with the boys and he took a sippy of pumped breastmilk (FYI, I'm fairly certain pumping while driving is not legal...and surely HAND EXPRESSING while driving could get me in serious He's a big, busy boy and now has two gorgeous pearly whites. Much to my chagrin, he has bitten a few times, but we seem to be working that out. It helps to have all the great tips from mamas who have had biters to guide me. It's not slowing us down.

Many of you remember that I am in serious uncharted territory at this point. Aiden was weaned by this age, so all of this is new and exciting for me, like the first time nursing a baby all over again. I'm surprised and thrilled by how much fun we are having nursing...we play games while we nurse, giggle, snuggle,'s so neat and fun. I sooo wish I had not thrown in the towel with Aiden, but every baby is different and I'm still convinced that part of my struggle with Aiden was personality. He did not love to nurse the way Chase does! Chase is still bedsharing with us, much to my husband's dismay, and I am doing my best to allow his sleep maturity to develop naturally. It's hard sometimes, but we are working it out!

On the binky front, Chase gave up his binky during our move to Indiana (5 months ago). He now sucks his two fingers on his left hand. It's pretty adorable, and VERY convenient. During the day he does love his fingers, at night, he prefers breast in a big big way.


  1. Megz- You wrote that you now don't have to support your breast while feeding your 9 month old. I have this problem and I thought I was the only one! I am breastfeeding a 9 month old and I still need to hold my breast while I'm feeding him. I wish I could learn how not to do this, but I feel that he just un-latches when I do not. What is the deal with this? How can we learn to breastfeed without the extra hand?

  2. Emily, I wish I could put my finger on it...part of it is positioning I think. I just stopped doing it one day and he figured it wasn't conscious. I never had this with Aiden though, he would unlatch. Try laid back nursing, recline more and just chill, wiggle baby until you and baby are comfortable and it will come to you I bet. :)

  3. Thanks Megz! I do think part of it is my own fear, as he often bites when he unlatches, so I like to feel more in control. But it makes nursing in public more awkward. Laid-back never worked for me because it hurts my back to recline. I could not recline without discomfort during my pregnancy, my baby HATES to recline (always upright), and now I can not recline while BF. Not a lot of reclining going on here.

  4. Maybe just try positioning him then, so that if you let go, the position won't allow the breast to slip from his mouth? Does that make sense? For instance, my boobs are mighty saggy, the nipples are more down than on the front of my breast, so I hold him lower to compensate, that way he doesn't neccessarily bare the weight of the breast.