Thursday, July 7, 2011

Product Review: 'Sew Is Your Baby' Cloth Diaper *****

Chicken Little was feeling a little shy!

Sew Is Your Baby is a work-at-home-mom who makes the most adorable cloth diapers, animal pants, and baby leggings. I tested out a one-size sage green minky pocket diaper with microfiber insert. I used it on both my almost 3 year old son and my 9 month old daughter to find out just how well the one-size would work... and I'll say... color me impressed! After about three weeks of use with each kid this diaper still looks brand new, and the only leak we ever had was the first time when I forgot my son had a cloth diaper on (we're still kinda new at this) and we went for more than three hours. My toddler also tends to be a major soaker, so I was pleasantly surprised when he couldn't flood this diaper even with only one insert.

You can order her diapers with or without a microfiber insert, which can be a bonus for those of us that need hefty bamboo, hemp, or other materials for super soakers. Her prices are very comparable to big name companies, and I'd much rather support a local mama. She has free shipping at any order amount for US and Canada folks. Hip hip hurray!!

Chunky Chicklett sporting her first cloth diaper moment!

Sew Is Your Baby's owner Michelle was also more than willing to work around scheduling a delivery to be when my husband wouldn't be home... gotta sneak new diapers in sometimes. BWHAHAHA! Thanks Michelle! I cannot wait for my cloth wipes, minky travel wetbag, and more diapers. I was so impressed I went on a shopping spree.

There JUST MIGHT BE (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge) a giveaway of one of these diapers very very soon.... keep your eyes peeled!

Sew Is Your Baby received The Good Letdown's highest score of FIVE DRIPS!

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