Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NIP: Support from's not all insults and stares!

Today, while the ladies of The Good Letdown were playing at the park with our 6 kids, I sat at a bench and nursed Ella (pointing myself at a VERY pregnant mama to be so she could see that it's okay to nurse in public!). It's been hotter then hell here lately and of course I always forget water ::facepalm::. I was sitting there thinking that I wished I had water and BOOM, a religious group comes over and starts handing out water bottles to people. They came up to me and the woman handed me a bottle, smiled and said "A nursing mama especially needs some water!"

Now, whether or not you're a Christian and despite how you may feel about religious propaganda being handed out at a park, I was very impressed by their openness and attitude towards me NIP. I wasn't making any effort to cover whatsoever (I never do) and my breast was exposed (as was my fluffy belly). She looked straight at me, didn't look at all embarrassed and she had children/her husband with her. I was very pleased how she acted and made an effort to talk to me about nursing.

I've never had someone approach me while I was nursing and especially not in such a positive way. I was just pleased as punch that she was so open and accepting of me nursing openly at the park (and almost as happy that they had cold water...I drank mine AND Mother Hens haha!).

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  1. She could have grabbed the children running and screaming in the other directions! :) Ha ha ha. But no, she didn't even miss a beat with smiling and talking right at you.