Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haaaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary

Time for a warm and fuzzy sap fest. So, July 6th 2010 I met up with Mama Christa for the very first time. We were both pregnant and had toddlers turning 2 years old in the fall. We chatted while the children climbed around on the playground and then went for a walk to a farmers market. It was a billion degrees hot out and I'm sure we were both sweaty preggie pigs after the trek, but that didn't stop our chatting for about an extra 45 minutes once we got back from the farmers market. It was on the walk back to the cars after the farmers market that we started talking about pregnancy and breastfeeding stuff. We were on the same wavelength and just so excited about everything that my heart was just a pitter patter. My husband even called my cell phone twice because he was getting worried about me since it was getting so late. We kinda did the whole thing where you are standing there, car keys in hand, ready to go... but neither one of us could shut up long enough to actually say goodbye.

Sometime in that same time frame I became Facebook friends with Megz. I don't remember exactly how, but I think it was because she is a doula birth junkie and from her business website it seemed like we had a lot in common. I remember chatting on Facebook with Megz for about an hour every day... though I hadn't met her in person yet! She also was pregnant and had a toddler turning two in the fall.

Two weeks after my first meeting with Mama Christa I arranged another playdate at the same park, and this time I made sure that Megz would come two. It did not take long for our trio to form a strong bond. Three birth junkie, breastfeeding, crazy pregnant ladies all with toddlers around the same age. In my two years of being a stay-at-home-mom I had forged many acquaintances and people whose time I enjoyed being with.... but I would have to admit that this was the first time I really felt like I fit in with other moms. I think a big part of my problem was being in too large of settings and never hanging out with the same people on a regular basis, but even then I've got some wild ideals so it can be difficult to find folks I can talk about anything with.

We've been through a lot in our first year of friends, but it has made us stronger for it. We didn't let bedrest, strong willed toddlers, vacations, surgeries, NICU, moving across country, or anything get in our way. Megz will be returning to Minnesota this weekend for a fun filled week long reunion. The Three Breastkateers will be out at large. Look out world.

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