Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Blog: Boob. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner....

I have a facebook page. Like so many others I have it to keep in touch with my family and friends. Some of those friends I have had since grade school and others are just friends of friends of friends but I am a pretty open person. I like to share what is going on in my life even when life is just average.

My breastfeeding back story is I have twin boys who are now 12. I was young when I had them and even though I wanted to nurse them I did not have the support or information to make it work. Fast forward 11 years and I was blessed to add another boy to my family. This time I was going to breastfeed. I gathered every morsel of knowledge I could ahead of time and I asked a million and one questions to my sister and friend who were both breastfeeding while I was pregnant.

So February 25th I gave birth to a beautiful 9lb baby boy. I held him right after he was born and nursed him right away. Unfortunately since he was 10 days over due and 9lbs he had to be tested to see what his glucose level was and it turned out to be low, a point low. He was tested 2 more times before that said I have to give him formula and breastfeed and be tested every hour. 24 hours after birth his levels were up and we stopped the formula. I would love to say it was smooth sailing after that but it wasn’t.

My son’s weight kept dropping and it took 5 days for my milk to start coming in. In the mean time my son had red brick dust in his urine from dehydration and dropped from 9lbs to under 8lbs. So I nursed both sides, pumped then gave that to him plus a little bit of formula until his weight increased. After his weight started to increase my goal was to wean him off the top ups and build my supply and that is what I did. I went from 4 top ups aday to 3, 2 , 1 and then finally we were completely off formula and I was one proud mama. Every day I am thankful for each feeding. Even when nights are long and days are even longer. I cherish this experience.

Ok now what made me want to share all of this? I had a great opportunity to have a photo shoot done to commemorate my breastfeeding journey so far. I shared those pictures with fellow friends and have since heard the strangest feedback some from people “Oh, I hear your girls are all over your facebook page?” Or comments to my husband “all your wife does is talk about breastfeeding and show pictures of breastfeeding on her facebook nowadays”

YES! I talk about breastfeeding because that is what is going on in my life right now! YES! I am sharing links and stories because they are touching and beautiful. YES! I am sharing beautiful pictures of myself feeding my child because I am proud, they are amazing and I will only be doing this for so long.

I try not to take it personally. I don’t have to be a breastfeeding “fanatic” to want to share what to me is a normal day. It is who I am today. It is a special bond I get the privilege of creating and yet it is NATURAL!!

Not all my friends and family are so judgmental but I bet there are more ooohh’s and comments going on than I probably will even know. I am sad that I can’t just be myself. That people can’t just be proud and supportive. That it has to turn something other than just beautiful.

All of this is going on right before Breastfeeding Awareness month which is now making me chuckle……. Guess what people. You haven’t seen anything yet!!!


  1. I love it! I don't share pictures on fb, although I wish I had the courage. Keep it up, mamma. You have every right to be proud of what you have accomplished. :)

  2. Aw!!! If only everyone knew what an amazing thing it is to be able to feed your babies... I love your story. My son, now 3 months, also had that rusty stuff in his diaper until my milk came in. I read that it was normal for little boys. Best wishes as you continue your journey!!!! <3

  3. Thank you :) I am very grateful for the support I have gotten. I really think it is vital for woman to help each other instead of being so negative and critical with each other. It is a beautiful experience and each day I am enjoying that special bond even more.


  4. It's so great to meet another boobymilk fanatic! Great blog :)