Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Much Ado about a Boob

So a few weeks back I was upstairs nursing the baby in the middle of the night. I usually cruise facebook from my phone to keep from falling asleep if I am not done doing things around the house and I love to take pictures of him nursing at night because he's simply delicious when he's still and soft the way he is at night. Well I thought I had figured out how to post to a private group on facebook from my phone and posted this darling picture of Chase (and my boob, of course) to that group...or so I thought!

Turns out I posted it to my wall and friends were quick to laugh their butts off at my mistake. This picture is not obscene or even very revealing, but none the less, it's more boob than I generally share on my facebook wall. I couldn't figure out how to take the picture down from my phone...and I was stuck attached to this sweet baby so I was like "meh, WHATEVER!"

Then my husband marched in the room with his laptop in hand. ::sigh:: You can guess the conversation that followed once I was done with Chase. I *sort of* took the picture down, it is now hiding, cropped, in a folder, and not on my wall.

I did this out of respect for my husband who was very concerned about his coworkers and classmates who were on HIS facebook page seeing it. Though I reassured him that they were unable to see it as he was not tagged in the picture, he was very uncomfortable with it. But overall, my husband gets very antsy when I nurse the baby in public, and when I post any kind of nursing photos. Fortunately he doesn't really follow this blog...hahaha!

I'm curious if anyone else's partners are as leery of these things as mine is! Do you see eye to eye with your partner and family about what is OK to post on your wall or where it is OK to nurse?

Totally nursing next to the enterprise shuttle!!!

Then there was this picture, which HE took (much to his dismay) while we were in Northern Virginia...he was so bent out of shape about this!!!


  1. I'm the nervous one about bfing in public. I've voiced my fear but my husband is actually extremely supportive and just keeps telling me that Addison will have to eat.

  2. My husband used to be really bad about me NIP wuth our older 2. He had never been around anyone breastfeeding and we were very young, so I DID nurse my older babies in bathrooms or make them wait at times. With this one, he is more relaxed and I am stronger. Even though this is my 3rd, there was still a learning curve with getting used to nursing in public again. Practice makes perfect!

  3. Haha! I have no stories to share as my hubby is all about me nursing wherever and whenever. But I wanted to say thanks for the chuckle. I'm sure my hubby wouldn't want a picture of me nursing on HIS Facebook wall either. lol. :)

  4. Mine is very supportive. He knows it for our baby to eat and he is very happy when the baby isn't fussy. And if baby needs boob to not be fussy, then baby gets boob and he is happy about that. He takes pictures for me of us nursing all the time because he knows I like them. I don't usually put them on FB, not because I am nervous about NIP or boob pics, but more because in some nursing positions the rest of my body is unflattering and I am more embarrassed by the weight I have gained (and none of it is baby weight)

  5. Luckily my hubby is very supportive and has no problem telling someone off who says anything rude or inappropriate :) I wasn't always open about NIP but it doesn't bother me at all now.

  6. I love the photos, support and encourage you to keep going, cautiously and in a peaceful manner with your husband tho haha!
    I was raised around nip and lots of family support, and even though my wife did not have that same privledge, I am very pleased and honored to support her to continue nursing our 18mo old and glad to see she is not afraid to feed, or many times just comfort our daughter wherever we are. It should be the most normal and acceptable thing in the world. We have a motherhood photography business in which we love to share the beauty of maternity, natural birthing options, and best for baby options, meaning we are VERY PRO breastfeeding! Amazingly, we have met a few men that totally don't understand this and take it in a very wrong way, that is unfortunate and nothing I can do about them but to wish them well and hope we may have given them a chance to think more about it.
    Now personally, I love breasts and my wife is very blessed in that area, but there is nothing sexual about her feeding my daughter when we are at a restaurant out with friends for example, and the beautiful thing is, they are still our friends and we are thankful for supportive people around us, it helps!
    Thanks for the blog, let us know if we can be of any help or support to someone!
    Shane, Mandy, and little nurser!

  7. Mine is like yours, I was about to feed the baby then he informs me his friend is about to come over and to cover up. Also when I went to feed the baby in the hospital he closed the curtain. I was much more private the first time, now I am just fed up with hiding all the time and fed up with finding places to hide so now Im workin on making myself more comfortable (baby is 5 weeks) I told him it was rediculous to get a big ass blanket to cover one boob to feed and that i will cover but not with a full fleged blanket

  8. My hubby totally antsy about it... use a cover use your cover... our munchkin learned to throw the cover off about a year ago! :) I would nursie in public topless to raise awareness! Its hard to strike a balance. No matter how carefully i'm dressed even tho my husband has said he can't see any exposed skin he's still apprehensive about my nursing in pubic and even my nursing pics. Its a tricky balance!

  9. My husband is VERY pro breastfeeding. He sees breastfeeding as normal and a part of having children. Even if you'd see breast or nipple it's no different than whippin' out a bottle and screwin' on a nipple. Breast of bottle it contains the substance that is needed to nurture and fill an empty tummy.

    When our first was born a very good/best friend (although guys don't use that term which is weird..) came over early for us to all go and do something. Anyways, our little one needed to nurse. I sat down on the couch and started nursing him. Jason was SO! uncomfortable. His eyes were trying to do everything they could to avoid looking in my direction. I mean SHESH! This is the same guy that had seen more of my body in a swim suit and now that a babe was attached it's all dirty/weird/something to be bashful about. My DH looked over and said, "This is my son having lunch." Simple. 'Nuff said. All weirdness went away.

    DH is from a family that you only nurse for 6 months, never tandem nurse and NEVER nurse while you're pregnant ('cause you'll make the fetus stupid.). I exclusively nursed the first two for the first year, tandem nursed for a few months but my oldest didn't like the change in the milk for his little sister so he self weaned. She nursed until she self weaned at 2ish + years. Their little sister nursed for 2.5 years when she self weaned. All 3 coslept with us until at least 3. DH has always been supportive of what's best for babe, mom and family. He even educates and you HAFTA' love a guy that is willing and happy to discuss placentas, colostrum, slings, co-sleeping, vaccinations, birth, breastfeeding and sex with a pregnant/nursing partner to the new/soon to be fathers at his work.

    Oh...he even wears shirts that are pro doula/homebirth/midwife/breastfeeding. It's great to be supported from the one that really matters.

    Also, we/he would post nursing pics but I'm terrified to display pics of my monkey's faces pictures....but we do have them up in our house.