Monday, May 23, 2011

Weightloss Class

So I got this awesome coupon for a free weightloss class in the mail. Having gone through two pregnancies now I have about 20-30 pounds I'd love to shed and maintain at, so the brochure and offer of free information sounded very appealing to me. Then I looked a little closer and saw that the class is sponsored by a plastic surgery clinic. That's a little weird, right? I wasn't totally turned off by that, because, let's face it... even when someone does loose weight they sometimes need a little nip/tuck to get rid of all that loose skin.

So, I'm at the class getting all this free information on weight loss... and they start handing out free samples and coupons for a donut shop! Can you believe it?? DONUTS at a weightloss class? What kind of crazy universe do we live in? Were they diet donuts? Most definitely not.

My goodness, that is as crazy as a quit smoking class where you get free cigarettes. Or a get-out-of-debt seminar where they hand out free credit card applications.

Okay, so I lie. There is no class I went to on weightloss sponsored by a plastic surgery clinic where free donuts were handed out. But, how is that scenario any different than the breastfeeding 101 classes offered at Babies R Us sponsored by Medela where they reportedly hand out formula coupons?

Now do you get it?


  1. Ahhhh! Love this! I was totally thinking this was a real story, then boom! Excellent analogy :-)

  2. And the coupon booklets where the class is advertised along side more than one formula coupon? Gah!