Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote for Mom's Breastaurant

ETA: From Mom's Breastaurant:

"Okay folks, I've got good news and bad news. Bad news is that MB is NOT eligible for this round of the Chase contest. Good news is that it's because they plan on running TWO contests, the first for charities with operating budgets of $1-$10 *million* (not us), and the second for charities with operating budgets of less than $1M. I love the fact that when competing with the 'big boys' we still manage to climb the rankings as high as we have. :) Thank you so much for your support, and your patience with me as I beg and nag for votes. Sadly, this means that I'll be begging and nagging again in a couple months (the contest for us little guys is scheduled for the nebulous 'some time in the fall'), so you'll have to be patient with me again. At least you know it's coming, right? :)"

Mom's Breastaurant is a 501(c)3 non-profit org providing parents with a dedicated space to care for their babies while attending outdoor events.

Their Mission: We strive to make life just a little easier for parents attending outdoor events by making those events more baby-friendly. MB sets up a 10 x 10 infant care station and provides parents with access to a fully-stocked changing table, and offers mothers a comfortable seat out of the sun and away from distractions so she and baby can focus on each other and feeding. Additionally, we have a small table and chairs where older siblings can be occupied with crayons or clay while baby is being cared for. Our service is offered at no charge.

They are currently attempting to get funding so they can open up more booths in additional states. This is an excellent resource for parents. Please vote for them here. You only have until Thursday at midnight to vote for them.

Disclaimer: The Good Letdown did not receive any monetary or gifts for this endorsement. The Good Letdown supports the group Moms Breastaurant because of what they stand for. :)

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