Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tandemville Part 2

When I was nursing Olivia, we decided we wanted to have another baby. We were told that we couldn't take fertility drugs while I was breastfeeding (not true, by the way, there are some you CAN take!) and that we would have to wean. I was disappointed because I'd wanted to continue nursing Olivia through my pregnancy and hopefully tandem nurse. It took me 3 months, but I very gently weaned Olivia and 3 weeks later (without fertility drugs :facepalm:) I was pregnant.

When Ella was born 11 weeks early, I was pumping again, as I had done with Olivia. I half hoped that Olivia would want to nurse since it had only been 7 months since she'd weaned. She really had no interest. When Ella came home, I again hoped that maybe she would want to nurse because she saw her baby sister doing it. A few times she would ask to try boobie but she would just plop her lips off my nipple and say she was done. It was okay, I wasn't going to try and force the issue obviously. I came to the conclusion that she wasn't going to breastfeed again, which was a little sad for me because I had cut our breastfeeding relationship short but it was what it was.

Then, a few days ago, out of no where, Olivia said she wanted boobie before bedtime. We sat down on the floor and cuddled and she just put her mouth on it and snuggled. It is a nice way for her to feel like she's getting the same treatment as her sister and give her some one on one time with mama. Then all of a sudden, she started sucking! She pulled back, smiled and said "Mmm...that's nice!" then went back! She popped off and on several times, taking little sucks and getting just a bit of milk. Ella nursed as well and my dreams of tandem nursing came true! :) (Of course, I called Mother Hen on the phone IMMEDIATELY and texted Megz because I had to share the wonderful news with my BFFs!!)
The next day, Olivia was stuffed up and she asked for boobie but she couldn't really nurse because she was so stuffed up.

Today (the 4th day of nursing Olivia), she latched on and nursed EXTREMELY well. Not just this popping off and on and sucking, but honest to goodness latching and nursing. She was so excited, she pulled back and said "Mmm! I like breastmilk! That's GOOD!!" and continued nursing. Today, she breastfed three times. She's very sweet about sharing with Ella and she is patient about waiting if needed. Tonight she was having a bedtime boobie and she pointed to the other one and told me it was Ella's turn to have boobie.

I have a lot of emotions about her nursing. I'm so pleased and happy and I'm also thrilled that she'll start getting the antibodies her sister is getting. It's so important to keep my two kiddos as healthy as can be and it thrills me to no end that she wanted to and was able to latch on and nurse again. I know some people would view it as odd that we've returned to breastfeeding after over a year of not breastfeeding, but this is what works for us. We are happy with this and just as I will do with Ella, I will nurse Olivia for as long as she feels she needs and wants it. <3


  1. She was BAWLING on the phone. :)

  2. I am BAWLING just reading this! I have always wanted to tandem but my milk changes at 4 months pregnant and my toddlers always wean (15-18 months). I'm 32 weeks preggo with #4 now and my dd has been weaned about 4 months, but I started wondering if it would be possible to get her to learn to relatch when her sister gets here--she is occasionally interested in boobies, but usually just puckers and kind of kisses them. This gives me hope that when the milk comes back in tastinggood she may restart! Thank you

  3. how old was Olivia when you weaned her while trying to get pregnant?

  4. I believe she was 16 months old. Christa had been an exclusive pumper for the first 6 months and then Olivia figured out how to get it from the tap. That kid is the wonder latcher!