Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why All the Breastfeeding Posts? Part 2

So it's come to my attention that some folks in my circle of never ending Facebook 'friends' feel like I post too much pro-breastfeeding information and that I should occasionally open my mind to the other side of the spectrum to learn about formula feeding benefits.

Am I glad there is formula? Uh, yes! I say it in just about every post on here. Possible benefits? Baby not dying. Yay! I get it - sometimes formula is needed. That's a given.

What isn't a given is how difficult it is for a new mom that wants to breastfeed when she isn't in a supportive environment. If you are in a situation where no one is questioning your breastfeeding and they all think you are awesome - YAY for you. But that is not the case for so many mothers, so where are those moms going to get support? What if they don't even realize they need support until its too late?

Many folks are so naive to all the obstacles a new mom faces, and sometimes one backhanded comment can fester into giant pile of "I can't do this" and destroy all hopes of that mom nursing her child. Is it the end of the world? Of course not, there are breastmilk banks and formula for that mom to turn to in order to nourish her child. Of course, it is unarguably easier, cheaper, and better if baby can get it straight from mama's tap.

Now, if you are on a friend list of someone and the constant posting of articles, blogs, and other information about breastfeeding upsets you or makes you feel guilty... hate to say it... but that's not their fault. And it's most likely not your fault either. But just because you ended up using formula (by choice or by force) and have come to accept the greatness of formula, that doesn't mean that the next mom will find happiness in the situation. Many a mother who fell victim to a failed breastfeeding attempt will dote on it for years. I don't like that, and if there is something I can say or post to avoid that for a mother I will do it.

I don't want to make anyone feel guilty. I am not a breastfeeding psycho on a high horse who thinks I know better than anyone else. I am not against formula. I am not angry at anyone who chooses to use formula. I understand that there are times when it is actually the only option for a baby. I have helped more mothers through breastfeeding obstacles than I can count, and those are just the ones I know about. THEY are the ones I am posting for... Wouldn't you have wanted someone to help you? Might be too late for you... but it's not too late for them. I'm not going to stop just because your feelings get bent out of joint. And do you really think I wake up in the morning and think to myself, "Gee, what breastfeeding information can I post on my wall to make her feel like crap because she used formula?" Really? Really?

So, to reiterate... it's not about you... it's not about me... it's about THEM.


  1. personally, I love all the Breastfeeding information you post.. & you all know how much you have helped me through some very hard times... (and my husband too!)
    and, yes, I call you my "breastfeeding guru friends on facebook" when I refer to you when talking to others :D

  2. All you ever try to do is make people wrong, even when you say thats not what your trying to do, the way you say things and word things make it clear that is exactly what you are trying to do, no matter what the subject is.

    I would never take advise or listen to you, you risked both pregnancy's and babies lives cause you cant control your weight so wound up with GD and high blood pressure. You did NOTHING to prevent it, no, the comments you got on your blogs and facebook were far more important then being healthy. Maybe instead of posting on blogs and facebook 24/7 you should think about your own health and stop being such a know it all. You can preach about breast feeding all you like but it doesn't take away from the fact that you have no control in other areas of your own life, maybe that is why you find the need to constantly push the topic in peoples faces. If people want to know..they'll ask. I can be a professional in what I do but it certainly doesn't give me the right to shove my opinions down peoples throats or make them wrong for the choices they make.

  3. "I don't want to make anyone feel guilty. I am not a breastfeeding psycho on a high horse who thinks I know better than anyone else. I am not against formula. I am not angry at anyone who chooses to use formula."

    ^^^Most untrue thing I've ever seen you write.