Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Perfect Snackchel

A common occurrence with nursing mothers, especially those first few weeks, is finding yourself sitting on a couch for hours on end with a baby that seems to want to be on the boob 24/7... and you find yourself going for hours without food, drink, or potty break. Mama's need to take care of themselves in addition to that precious baby. By not getting enough calories and staying hydrating you could be hurting your milk supply... and in turn your baby will nurse more often... leaving you more tired and more stuck sitting around. Vicious cycle!

Here are some tips to help make this all better:
Pack yourself - or instruct someone else - a wonderful snackchel (S-NACK-CH-ULL). It's a word we use around here combining satchel and snack. Clever, eh? When Chicken Little was first born my husband would pack me a snackchel every day.

Easy Snackchel Items:
Granola Bars
Nuts/Trail Mix
Dried/Fresh Fruit
Juice Boxes

You could even get fancy and use a mini-cooler or insulated lunch bag and get into stuff like:
Veggies & Dip
Hummus (for the crackers or veggies)
String Cheese
Yogurt or Pudding Cups (don't forget a spoon!)

You could get a bag for every day of the week and just take a moment to load them all up with the same things in one swoop. Then you are set for the whole week! Just have to make sure that bag makes it to the couch with you and you're golden. :)

Also, visit your local library for free movies or get your netflix queue ready to go. I watched so many movies those first few weeks and the laziness was WORTH IT. Forget about housework, forget about cleaning, just relax and enjoy some lazy times. Because... you won't ever get an opportunity like this again!

As for making it to the bathroom... you're on your own there. :)


  1. i feel like this was posted for me. haha

  2. Agreed, great advice! I am going to work on a #bfing basket for a friend's shower, and this would be the perfect compliment. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yay! :) Post a photo on our blog when you're done with it! :)

  4. FYI--two spelling errors. Your should be you're and cue should be queue. Feel free to delete the comment, but I always end up embarrassed when I come back to a post of my & find spelling/grammar errors & wish someone had pointed them out.