Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mother Hen's Dirty Little Secret - Off Topic Tuesday

So.... I specifically request plastic bags when grocery shopping. I am always embarrassed and try to say it quietly for fear of reprisal from the next checkout lane. "Gasp, did you hear that woman request PLASTIC for her groceries???" says snooty person with their mass collection of cloth grocery sacks.

But, I have a good reason. We have not purchased garbage bags for over seven years. If you are using reusable grocery bags yet buying plastic garbage bags... you might want to rethink yer inks. Why buy plastic bags when they give them away to you for free?!?!?! Seems silly now, doesn't it? We use plastic bags for our main garbage and then paper grocery bags for recyclable items. Used to try and use paper for everything, but one leaky messy situation and lesson was learned. The small bags are great as we just bring them out to the main garbage in the garage every night. Half full bags get combined to make one full one and the second bag gets saved again for another day.

We fancy ourselves to be decently smart. Thought I'd pass along the tip. Do you have any common sense tips to rock my world with? Share them!

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