Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it can't happen

"My baby was formula fed and she has NEVER had a cold."
 "My sister breastfed her baby and she got sick."


Am I the ONLY person who gets SUPER annoyed when people say this? Like, just because it didn't happen to YOUR kid doesn't mean it's automatically debunked. I know SO many people who automatically assume that because their kid never had any negative affects from something, then it simply must not be true. I can't even tell you how much this annoys me. Great, i'm glad that your kid was on formula and never had a cold but research from MULTIPLE CREDIBLE SOURCES shows that breastfed babies are overall healthier and have stronger immune systems. I'm not making this stuff up. That doesn't mean breastfed babies never get sick (I can attest to this, both my kids have colds right now) but it means that they tend to get less colds, ear infection, etc then formula fed babies. I'm glad that there are formula fed babies out there who are just as healthy as breastfed babies or babies who start on solids super early who are just as healthy as babies whose parents delayed. However, what we need to remember is that our baby is not the only baby in the world and that not all babies are like our babies. I know...that statement sounded stupid but sometimes I swear, it's like people don't realize this. I once had someone say to me, "God! I'm SO SICK and TIRED of hearing how all your breastfed babies are healthier then my formula fed baby. It's such bullsh*t. [Insert childs name] is healthy enough and breastfed babies are NOT healthier. Um, really? So because your baby is healthy, then all these credible organizations, WHO, APA, multiple doctors and scientists around the world, UNICEF and many many other sources are just WRONG?

And may I remind people that when someone says something like, "Breastfed baby's are healthier and have less risks to certain diseases and illnesses" that it is NOT an attack against people who formula feed. I promise, we're not attacking you. I get so tired when some people who formula feed (not ALL obviously) act as though the very act of breastfeeding is a direct attack on them. I'm not attacking you. Honestly I'm not, but I tend to trust the World Health Organization (WHO) more then I trust the judgement of a single person. So when I say something like that, I'm simply quoting absolute facts that cannot truly, logically be argued with...not telling you that your baby is going to die of diabetes, cancer and ear infections by the time they are 5 just because you formula fed.

Just sayin'.

^^^In case you thought I was making it up! ::wink::


  1. uh oh.. someone got Mama Christa all worked up.... but seriously.. I hear ya! I really do!! ((HUGS))

  2. I think a lot of FF mamas feel bad that they didn't make the best decision for their baby, or are upset that they gave up quickly, or ended up not being able to. I think them acting that way is a defense mechanism to justify their decision. It's not right, & it is very frustrating. I only BFed my son for a week & gave up b/c of the pressure of returning to work. I was so uneducated then. I can understand how FF mamas may feel upset about the facts, b/c they feel bad that they couldn't/wouldn't BF their baby. Even though I was a FF mama with my first, I plan to BF this next one coming in several weeks & I get all fired up as though I had BFed in the first place, I so wish people would not make the mistake I did of giving up so quickly. It's like I want to educate my friends who are struggling with their first baby's, I just don't feel like I'm taken seriously since I gave up & FF. That frustrates me!

  3. I also get annoyed when EBF moms say because they EBF the kid is never sick. WHY even say ANYTHING. IMO it is no ones business and WHO CARES!! And I EBF and stuff like this annoys me. Just because we BF doesn't mean we are any better then other moms. We are all moms and let's unite in motherhood and not bring each other down.

  4. ^^I was uneducated with my first as well. I attempted to reach out for help but the lactation consultants were idiots and so I had to supplement with formula. Looking back, I bet I had no problems with supply, I just didn't pump often enough. :hugs: mama

    I hear it with all kinds of things...and the funny thing was that the thing that got me worked up wasn't even BFing lol. It was something else, but BFing is something I hear all the time as well. People use this excuse for multiple things and to attempt to discredit all kinds of things that they don't want to do!

  5. Jess, yeah EBF kids DO get sick. That irritates me too because it just perpetuates and spreads misinformation!