Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Mourning....

Today is somber in the house for tomorrow marks the six month anniversary of bringing my baby girl into the world. What does this mean? Well, the ban on solid food will be lifted! She has been reaching for our plates and watching eating with intense interest for nearly two months now. It is her turn. I am excited for this new venture for her... but at the same time I am having some sadness about it. She is most likely my last baby, and today is the last full day I will be the sole source of food for her. With all luck she will not be done nursing anytime soon, but she will now have nutrients coming from other sources.
Multipack Whole Grain Oatmeal
Tomorrow Rooster will get to feed her a tiny bit of oatmeal with breastmilk... and so it begins. We're still on the fence about how we are doing this whole solid food bit. For Chicken Little we did the standard puree gambit. He was stuck on purees until he was 15 months old. And even then we had to force the change to real food. Not sure if this was because of his tongue-tiedness or if he was just being picky, but either way it was embarrassing and hard for me. We'd be at playdates and I'd be spoon feeding him mush when baby's 6 months younger than him were eating sandwiches. Ugh! And then forcing him to eat real food was heartbreaking. We did it over X-mas break 2009 so my husband was home all day to help. Chicken Little ate very little (other than boob) for about 3 days. Then he figured it out. Whew!

I was curious about Baby Led Weaning for Chicklett, but I'm having a hard time getting Rooster on board... and quite frankly don't know enough about it myself to present a good case for it. I've brought it up a few times, and he just thinks there was nothing wrong with how our son did things. I'm okay with that too, for now anyway! If we're still eating purees 9 months from now you can point and make fun of me.

I'm sure we'll end up doing purees again, only this time no tongue tied baby and maybe we'll work our way through the stages faster to get into that chunky stuff. We'll see. Not like she's going to be eating a ton right away no matter what. I am secretly hoping that my girlfriend ends up disliking the Baby Beaba that was given to her and then she gives it to me. Ha!


  1. My LO refused puree's... She is 10 months and she is boob fed, and whatever solids I let her get her hands on...On the other side.. my soon to be 5 yr old LOVED puree's and still does... Who cares about what someone else kid's are doing... You are their momma, and what works for your for you

  2. My baby girl isn't liking the purees too much and is wanting to eat things off of my plate. Me and hubby and baby went to brunch at Ruby Tuesdays and there were black bean in the salad bar so I smooshed one up and gave her little pieces and she was opening her mouth wide like a baby bird to eat them. I gave her big chunks of over-cooked broccoli to eat the other night too- she mostly played with it, but was shoving that in her mouth too. I want to do baby-led weaning, but am soooo nervous about the choking factor. I'm thinking about picking up the book- if I do I will share the info :)

  3. Mikey did puree for all of three days. Of course the day after we went out and bought a months worth of food off the top of our food budget was his last day eating it. I have hilarious video of trying to coerce him to eat all this food I bought! LOL! Aiden never did like it. We tried a few times. He was ready for "real" food! LOL :) We steamed veggies and fruits until soft and he ate them (carrots, apples, bananas are good as is, broccoli, cauliflower, etc). I have a video I need to post on FB of him at about 12 months or so walking up to my plate, pulling my steak to the edge and stealing it!! LOL! He was taking chunks of it and devouring it :) He watched us eat but wasn't really wanting the food until around 8 months old.. then he just took off :) All babies do different things :) If it works, great, if not.. you can always change it :) GOOD LUCK :)

  4. You should read through the BLW pdf if you havent read the book. It explains alot RE: choking, etc other peoples fears. I did it with my kids, but I didnt know it had a name at that time lol, i just thought i was lazy. It is so much better for teaching them to eat though.

  5. We introduced solids to our daughter by baby-led weaning.

    I would also recommend reading Baby-Led Weaning by Rapley or the pdf.

    As for the gagging, they will gag. But gagging is different than choking. If they're gagging, you know the gag reflex is working and that they're learning how far back food can go in their mouths. It's still awful to see your baby gag, and a lot of times they throw up, but it's also amazing how the incident doesn't affect them. They go right back to eating! The Rapley book specifically addresses gagging and choking. I actually found it reassuring to read because I understood better what was going on and learned how to address questions others had.

    Another thing to think about is that babies chew with their gums, not their front teeth. Most babies are introduced to table foods at a year when they still don't have molars so they will be using their gums to chew for awhile. A 6 month old (as long as they can sit up by themselves) can handle food if it is in "sticks" that they can hold on to. Things like steamed or baked veggies (like broccoli and sweet potatoes), sticks of fruit like cantaloupe and pears, toast sticks with hummus or yogurt, and sticks of firm cheese.

    My husband and I loved introducing solids to our daughter in this way and she loved it too.

  6. Mother Hen, you need to just show him the chapter on solids I assigned for homework earlier this week! Makes a good case for letting baby feed themselves!