Sunday, April 24, 2011

Girly, For Once

I don't wear makeup, tweeze my eyebrows, wear dresses, wear high heels, carry a purse, get my hair styled, wear jewelry, or paint my nails. My own mother was much the same. For Chicklett? Why would I dress her in frilly tutus and headbands with giant gerber daisy flowers? I pretty much dress my children in normal clothing that I would also wear. I wear jeans and a t-shirt just about every day. To me, dressing her in some things I've seen would be as silly as me wearing a prom dress to the grocery store. If you want to dress your child that way, more power to you... but I get crabby about being judged for not doing it. When people insinuate that I don't dress her "girly" it rubs me the wrong way... because clothing does not make you one gender or the other. Just because she's not in pink with ruffles and lace doesn't make her any less of a girl.

My daughter also has the "unfortunate" circumstance of being born to parents who had a boy first that do not believe in strict gender roles. Therefore... much of her hand-me-downs are big brothers former clothing. I guess maybe my son should be extra thankful he wasn't born second! Ha! We did "team green" for both pregnancies, so much of our initial 3 month and under clothing is pretty neutral anyway.

Now, I do weed through and find things that are more neutral and I have also obtained many articles of clothing from friends with older girls. So, it's not all cammo, trucks, and dinosaurs for this little girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But, I fail to see why we need to have the brown pants with a little ruffle on the bottom VS just regular brown pants. Know what I mean?

At Christmas time I dressed my daughter in the same little suit we had my son in for some photos of her sitting in an antique toddler rocking chair next to the tree. I thought it was cute to have them do the same sort of pose. There were already some raised eyebrows on that one.

Could my children BE any cheekier??

With the "girl" hand-me-downs I often weed through them and regift the more elaborate things on to other friends who have girls. First off, I think that my daughter looks washed out in pastels - so that means all things light pink get put in the "to go" box. She has fair skin and black hair - deeper/brighter colors just look much better on her. Just like her mama. :)

And secondly, we are also a "onesie" kind of a family. I never knew this phenomenon existed until I had children... but there are folks who love onesies and ones that could live without them. Our baby's wear onesies every day of the week. Shirts and dresses just seem insane in our cold Minnesota climate. Shirts always bunch up exposing skin, and dresses... well.. come on! Brrrr! We're just very practical folks. Maybe now that summer is around the corner we will branch out... maybe...


  1. onsies all the way!!! They don't know what they are wearing when they are that young anyways :) I dress my little girl in pink head to toe most of the time and I get comments about that- "gosh don't you dress her in anything else???" The funny thing is I still get ppl telling me what a cute little boy I have!
    -Amanda Kowalski

  2. My son had many purple blankets and other things since we were team green and I would often use them in public just to see if I could trick people. It never worked! Now Chicklett on the other hand... always gets mistaken for a boy and people say "I saw the blue blanket and just assumed." ::face palm::

  3. Woah - your kids look EXACTLY alike! That's amazing :) I have a boy, but I'm just like you - barely feminine as it is. I have a gay male friend at work who often dresses in drag and sports 5+ inch heels. I always tell him, "You are FAR more woman than I will ever be."

  4. I dress my girls in uber girly stuff, because *I* like it. But now that Olivia is getting older, I don't care what she wears. :) She can pick whatever she wants.

  5. That's why you get all my "to go" box Christa. :) Cuz I know you like it. :)

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