Monday, April 18, 2011

The Crankiest Baby on the Block-Not mine!

So, you know those babies who cry when they're hungry? Or tired? Or need lovin'? Or they're uncomfortable?....and that's the only reason they cry? You know, normal freakin' newborns. Uh yeah, Ella is one of those babies. Oh yes, my friends it is true. My baby is fixed. Do you hear the choir of angels?

I started out by bringing her to the chiropractor and while that helped with some issues, it didn't help with the constant screaming (which is a distant memory...). I had noticed at night that Ella would gag in her sleep but she wasn't a spitter so I called the doctor and requested reflux meds. They prescribed them over the phone because we'd discussed the issue already. I got them and started her on it. A few days later, the screaming was still going on. So I finally did it. I gave in. I said goodbye to my milk. Goodbye ice cream. Goodbye {gasp, choke, sob} sour cream. And within 2 days she was cured. She only cried (and screamed) when she needed something...well for the most part. About a week or so into it, I decided to try and see how she'd do off the reflux meds because I don't want her on meds if she doesn't need them obviously. Day 1, excellent. Day 2, great...I'm actually excited. Day 3? PURE HELL.  She screamed the entire day. Alrighty so it takes approximately 2 full days for the reflux meds to get out of baby's system. Noted. Put her back on them and next day she was a-okay. It was a freakin' miracle.

I've actually been handeling the dairy free thing much better then I thought I would. She can tolerate some butter thank GOD and I now drink almond or coconut milk. I've gotten creative with my cooking and coconut ice cream is my BFF. Mmm have you ever had coconut ice cream? YOU MUST TRY IT. I swear to God, I like it better then regular ice cream!! It's amazing! Then the other night I took a swig of cows milk and I almost puked. I had an upset tummy all night long and the grossest taste in my mouth. I don't know that I'll ever drink cows milk again. EW!

Ella still has some issues. The car is NOT her friend. She HATES her car seat. She screams almost the entire time. It's horrible going places. When she DOES need something or is tired and fighting it, she gets extremely worked up. I have a long scratch on my breast from a nap battle the other day. But now she's just a regular high needs preemie as opposed to a hell demon high needs preemie. It's so much better...I can't even tell you guys. And we're still going strong on breastfeeding. :)


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad its working for you!

  2. You described my son perfectly! I didn't try the chiropractor but did try reflux meds which only helped slightly and finally cut out dairy. Helped a lot but not completely. The gagging at night was terrible and a little scary. He also hated his car seat and now at 6 months only tolerates it well for about 20 minutes max. I've just re-introduced dairy and he seems to be tolerating it okay... but I won't go back to regular milk! LOL It's nasty!

  3. Nicole, I know!!! I took a swig of milk the other day and had an upset tummy for hours! I LOVE coconut milk. LOVE IT.