Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Congratulations!" Now What?

When you learn that a friend is pregnant, what can you do to help spark that breastfeeding relationship? Or better yet... what about those distant connections like the wife of someone you were in 2nd grade with and because of Facebook you hear about their expected bundle of joy. How do you make yourself available without sounding pushy?

In my two years of being a parent, most of the people I learn are pregnant are on subsequent pregnancies... and most of the time people just do whatever worked the first time around (formula or breastfeeding). I have yet to have the opportunity to get someone on the first time around... but I'd like to think I'd be a lot of help to that new mom.

Generally Facebook is the place where I learn that distant acquaintances have just had a baby. They'll toss up birth announcement and newborn photos that get my attention. I usually drop a "congratulations, let me know if you/she needs any help with breastfeeding. I have lots of resources and experience" on their wall. I have yet to have any takers, and I don't know how many of these people have chosen to feed their baby. I'd like to get some confirmed success stories under my belt... so let's start getting proactive.

Perhaps a generic email is a good place to start. Having an already written up email would make it easy to give a "heads up" for support and tips to even the most random parent you know. For people closer to you, it would be easy to edit in some personal information. Having an email ready to go would be helpful in our busy lives, because as soon as you get wind that anyone is expecting - you can copy, paste, send and move on with your day.

Baby Showers is another place to take a step towards supporting this new mother-to-be. Giving a nice basket with nursing pads, LLL information, books etc.

What ideas do you have? What has worked for you in the past?


  1. My biggest struggle is having friends come to me when they are having troubles.

  2. On my fb I am very outgoing when it comes to BFING and my thoughts and views and to the poitn that I am made fun of and brought down and even had some family talk smack about me. I post articals on BFING info. I post about "oh i just saw a mother bfing her baby and it was so wonderful to see " Or its bfing awareness week. Or ill post some studys like IQ and lowers cancer ect. For baby showers I usually make a diaper cake or if I give gifts In the envilope Ill give some mothers milk tea with a little note on how to make it and when and If they have any questions Im here to help. More of my friends already know im passionet (sp ) about bfing so this helps. maybe some pads or nipple cream. and gifts I usually try and grab up to give at Boppys with a shawl. <3

  3. I wish I had known about this post when I had my daughter. I had no one to turn to and the only two people I knew who breastfeed seem reluctant to talk openly about the topic. Thankfully, my daughter was a "pro" at breastfeeding. However, I do remember feeling pressure from the nursing staff about forcing my daughter to nurse or take formula while in the hospital.

  4. I'd like to see some responses to this, as my cousin's wife just announced their second baby. I believe she didn't BF due to her thinking her breasts were too large, but I know that's not the case, as I'm a 40H and BF just fine! I want to entice them into it, though, not turn them off with my lactivism, haha.

  5. I think living through example is the best way to advertise breastfeeding, but if they aren't people you actually SEE it makes it a little more challenging. In your case Sara I might just drop her an email being straight forward in saying that it was your understanding that she did not breastfeed because of the size of her breasts and you could let her know that you have helpful information for her if she is interested in breastfeeding this new baby because it is possible. That isn't being pushy in my opinion. If she really does want to breastfeed then she'll respond... if not... well... atleast you tried.