Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Off Topic Tuesday - Bed and Breakfast Review - Inn Serendipity (Wisconsin)

So before children, Rooster & I were started to really get into staying at fun eco-friendly bed and breakfasts. Our favorite of all time still remains, Inn Serendipity on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Lisa, John, and their son Liam (approx. 4 years old at the time) were outstanding hosts. Upon arrival they had appetizers of spinach balls that were to die for! (for those alone we bought their cookbook Edible Earth - and to this day we still use it atleast once a week!)

All of the food was insanely good. And they were much more than just a Bed & Breakfast. It was more like Bed, Breakfast, Snack, Dessert, and Nightcap. We loved the little nightcap of homemade alcohol of a different flavor and brownie every night waiting for us on the bedside table. They were definitely over the top generous with the amount of food they provided to us. For the drive home they gave us a basket of probably 10-15 HUGE pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. To. Die. For.

During the day we wandered about their lush garden (even helped weed a little bit in the vegetable garden one day, just for fun!), went hiking, watched chickens, explored the greenhouse, and even went into town for a cheese run (cuz when you're in Wisconsin you have to!). We found the best cheese on the entire planet - Homestead cheese from Roth Kase. We became obsessed with it for the better part of 5 years and are completely mortified that they don't make it anymore. It seriously changed our lives. It was THAT good. Ha ha ha!

At night we enjoyed a bonfire including s'mores with the whole family. We enjoyed hearing about their "off grid" lifestyle. Having a farm/B&B like theirs is certainly high on our "some day" list. I believe they both worked in advertising/corporate world and just decided one day that it was not the life they wanted to have. They grow their own food, use solar and wind energy, wood heated, have a strawbale greenhouse, and are pretty much self sustaining. In the event of world disaster I will be heading there for refuge. ;)

While there we also purchased a solar water heating system from one of their neighbors. It was a bargain and a totally random thing for us to purchase considering we drove there in a tiny 2-seater hybrid Honda Insight vehicle and we didn't own a home yet where we could even install them! A third party neighbor (who's name is escaping me right now) offered to drive it to our house simply because he is the nicest guy ever... and because he could make a stop over for pie. This may not seem like that big of a favor... but it's seriously about a 9 hour drive. He said the pie was worth it.

On a side note, while at the B&B my husband and their son Liam bonded over Legos. It was extremely cute and gave me a little peak at what a great dad he was going to be some day. My husband is a little bit of a lego freak, he builds real scale models of actual war ships and stuff. He sent home a box of legos that did not meet any of his specifications to add to Liam's growing collection at home. Even cuter yet, Liam then sent a huge red frosted brownie that looked like a lego back to us in the mail. YUM!

In summary, if you are looking for a fantastically friendly and most delicious place to go - I highly recommend Inn Serendipity! We hope to go back someday!

P.S. I did not take any of the photos - they are from their facebook page and website. :) I wish I was that talented. And I wish we had taken our camera on vacation! D'oh!


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! You are our "legendary Lego loving guests" and Gordon is forever Liam's** hero. Look forward to seeing you again and meeting the whole family.

    Great blog. I met my "local tribe" of moms back when I started going to LaLeche. It is so important to have other like-minded, supportive moms to turn to.

    And I *so* share your sadness over the loss of the Homestead cheese. I used that cheese in everything and Liam ate it by the chunk. We can't be the only ones!

    Lisa Kivirist
    Inn Serendipity

    * = breastfed!

  2. Ha ha! Awesome that we are still legends! Yeah, we still cry about homestead. We got to have it once and only once. 5 years later and we STILL talk about it everytime we try a new cheese. Always searching for "the one." Have you found anything even close??? We haven't. I can't believe they don't make it! Maybe they should special order us a giant wheel and we could split it with y'all???? Ha ha ha.