Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living My Life A Hour and Fifteen Minutes At A Time

Testing out the bottle from around weeks 7-10 was an epic failure. At one point she did latch on and take a few sucks while I was holding the bottle. But having ME feed her kinda defeats the purpose of using a bottle now doesn't it? We tried off and on for a few weeks, trying many different bottles, positions, times of day. I would always leave or hide in the hopes that she wouldn't smell me. Rooster was never able to get her to feed.

In 2008 with Chicken Little I returned to work after 10 weeks maternity leave. I returned only part-time, working two 3-hour shifts per week. Because of this, we had consistent reason for working on bottle training him. With Chicklett... we don't have a real reason. I'm perfectly happy nursing her all the time, and waiting until she's older and ready to be without me (and boob) before I start having a life outside of the home. Depending on the timing, I'm not even really tied to her all the time. She is extremely consistent with napping, which has allowed me plenty of opportunity for weekend fun... in 1 hour and 15 minute segments at a time. Megz thinks its ridiculous and hilarious... but it is working quite well for us!

Basically, there are two times everyday where I can nurse Chicklett and then dash out the door for fun. Drive time included I have about 2 hours of free time, which allows me 1 hour and 15 minutes of fun. I can go out shopping, get my hair done, grocery store, brunch with friends, anything I want to do. Then go home, nurse Chicklett again, and go out for more fun. It's a bit like a relay race, but we're all happy so who cares.

Typical Schedule:
Wake Chicklett up at 8:30am
Nurse at 9am & 10am
Nap 10:15am-12:15pm
Nurse 1pm & 2pm
Nap 2-5pm
Nurse 5:30 & 6:30
Nap 7pm-7:30pm
Nighttime 8:30pm

For an emergency situation I know that Megz or Mama Christa would happily nurse my baby in a heartbeat. I have learned to accept that Chicklett is probably never going to get a bottle. We're about 2 months away from starting some solids, and by then she may even be able to handle a sippy cup. We're over the hump, and being away from my children really isn't a priority in my life. When I need a break, 1 hour and 15 minutes is more than enough.


  1. Question: Did you ever get the baby to take a pacifier? That bottle post sounds like something I could have written. My son won't take a bottle and gags on all pacifiers! I am wondering if I should even bother to keep trying? Or, if I am wasting my time... He is 4 months old.

  2. Nope, never taken a paci either. She is just over 4 months old now, and figuring that solids are just a few weeks down the path and now that I'm past the surgery there are no other foreseeable times when I really need to be away from her we are just done trying bottles. It is more aggravation than it is worth in my opinion. Plus... I loath pumping. :)

    PS - The surgery went through with flying colors. Originally we thought I'd be away from her for 3 hours, but the staff was very understanding and I was away from her for about 45 minutes during prep work, then they allowed her in to nurse right before I was put under, and then they were very quick to get her back to me once I was awake. I think it was less than 90 minutes. And she didn't use any of the 8 oz of milk I had pumped for her, 4 paci's, or anything. Never even gave my husband a chance to try because she didn't get hungry! Ha!

  3. Neither of the kids I've had so far would do pacifiers, either. My eldest had bottles in the NICU (pumped breastmilk), but, when given a pacifier, spat it out, and promptly informed us that THAT THING did NOT contain any milk--and she wanted the real thing. 5 minutes ago. (Mind you, she had just gotten done breastfeeding when we tried the paci.) I never even tried one with my son, and probably won't bother with the baby due later this summer, either.

  4. I have a question, I breastfed my son for over a year and he never EVER took a bottle or paci... EVER! hahaha... He was 100% 'against' them and my daughter is the exact same way (almost 6 months) but I HAVE to stop breastfeeding her by next Tuesday for medical reasons (I suffer from stomach paralysis and have to start meds on Tuesday that will contaminate my milk). My question is WHAT DO I DO?! I have tried SO many times to give her bottles (tried breastmilk AND formula AND a mixed version in the bottles) and she is not having ANY of it. I am TERRIFIED for Tuesday. Does anyone who has been thru anything like this have any advice?? Thanks mamas! (Love your post, by the way! :))

  5. ::HUGS:: Katie that sounds awful! I'm going to assume you've tried everything to get around this... do you have to be on the meds forever? Could you pump and dump until you are done with the meds an then go back to straight feeding? Awe. :( Maybe she will go right to using a cup? No matter what... she'll get hungry enough to drink from anything eventually. I just know that it's going to be hard not to just toss a boob in there during those few hours where she is going to be a major protester. Until she drinks from something... is there anyone in your life that can be in charge of feeding her? She might be more apt to take bottle or cup from someone other than you.

  6. Oh, and Chicklett has gotten way better about car rides so we aren't too worried about the lack of paci. She still has bad trips, but it's probably 1 in 3 that are scream fests. The rest she is happy. Hopefully it will get better and better.