Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Leaky B@@B is BACK!!!!!!

Thanks to Jessica of The Leaky B@@B, all the "leakies" who fought against facebooks unfair deletion of this wonderful community and all the bloggers and mom sites that made a stink, The Leaky B@@B is back on facebook.

This is a breastfeeding community that thousands have relied upon and it would have been a huge loss to the breastfeeding community to not be able to easily access it on facebook. While The Leaky B@@B does have other resources such as their blog and forum, many women have come across TLB on facebook. I personally came across TLB on facebook and check it no less then twice a day. To have lost such a wonderful support group would have been a tragedy and we're very glad that facebook reinstated it.

As happy as we are though, let's not forget that while this battle is won, the war is not. We still need to fight to normalize breastfeeding and fight towards breastfeeding not being considered obscene.

Thanks everyone who supported The Leaky B@@B, we at The Good Letdown are THRILLED to have you back!

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  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!!So glad the leakies are back!!!!!!!:):)