Monday, January 10, 2011

Late Night Quicky - Hiding at Home

So I'll NIP, I'm much more open about it this time than I was with my 2-year-old, Aiden, when he was nursing. I bought a nice, functional cover this time...and I never even use it...haven't used it since Thanksgiving actually! Can you believe it!

Tonight, however, I took the baby upstairs to our room to nurse him. There was a realtor here doing an assessment and talking FOREVER with my DARLING husband, and Chase needed to eat. Normally I would sit in my chair downstairs, but for some reason, I was not comfortable nursing with this strange man in my house. Surprising since a different Realtor was here just a few hours before and I just went ahead and nursed...however, that realtor was an older woman and she was about to leave.

Funny how the dynamic changes when you are with so FEW people...I'm actually a little more comfortable nursing in a larger setting, a mall or restaurant, and I think it's because most people don't notice me and if they do, they have business to go about when they are done making that quick mental note (Like "nursing mother, ok, what was I going to order?")

Stay tuned later this week for proof that I nurse my baby in front of a roomful of strangers while I teach my childbirth education series at Everyday Miracles. ;)


  1. Nope, totally true. I was in a TINY ASS Chinese restaurant when we made the offer on the house and there were like 5 other people in there (this place was as big as my living room) and I covered. It's a very odd dynamic, isnt it?

  2. I'll whip it out anywhere. :) But you'll never see anything... unless you're looking real close! :)