Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domino Pizza

Did you think this was going to be a post asking you to boycott Domino's Pizza for doing something shady against breastfeeding women? Nah, this is just me sharing a recipe for a typical family meal here in the Chicken Coop. A little something we call.... Domino Pizza.

So... here's the deal... I'm lazy and this is my idea of cooking. If you like easy and delicious... then I'm your gal. :) I don't always cook out of cans and
packages... but for this meal it is a lot of that kind of business.

Pardon the lack of amounts... I say just add "SOME" spices. I know, I'm naughty. But I promise any amount will be delicious. Mix the spices and chopped fresh garlic in with the Jiffy pizza crust and 1/2 warm tap water (per the instructions on the box).
Cover for 5 minutes.

Spread the seasoned dough over greased cookie sheet. Don't worry too much about holes... we'll be adding enough cheese to this beast to make them vanish. Put the crust in the oven for about 5 minutes to give it a little head start... helps so your crust isn't soggy in the middle.
That sucks when that happens!

Open can of pizza sauce and spread over crust. Why bother shredding the cheese?? That'd be how this dish got it's name. Just slice the mozzarella cheese into domino sized pieces and distribute around the crust. When it all melts you won't know the difference. Now aren't you mad at all the time you used to spend increasing your carpal tunnel shredding cheese?

Also, add whatever veggies/meat you want to, this time we just did yellow onion. I also added some tomato basil feta cheese because we happened to have some. Bonus! Don't overload the pizza with too much
stuff though, it'll end up a soggy mess.

Set your timer so you can go waste time on Facebook and not worry about burning dinner. Come on, don't be ashamed... you know you've done it.

We like to broil it at the end to make the cheese crisp and brown. Cut & Serve! It's not as burned as it looks, I promise. :)

Oh, and in this house it's a sin not to eat hamburger pickles on your pizza. I have yet to find a person that doesn't agree with me that it is the best pizza topping ever.

Delicious!! Chicken Little approved!

1 box Jiffy Pizza Crust
1 can Pizza Sauce
Some Italian Seasoning
Some Garlic Powder
Some Onion Onion powder (optional)
1 clove chopped fresh garlic
8-12 oz of mozzarella cheese (w/12 there will be major overflowage... but we accidentally discovered that it is a delicious crispy cheese crust if you do that)
Chopped veggies (your choice/optional)
Meat (your choice/optional)

Follow directions on Jiffy Crust box for cooking temps and instructions.

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