Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 7-Happy Hooter Days

Nursing in the new year <3
Oops. We missed day 6 didn't we? Well, sorry about that everyone. We had big plans for what we were going to do but we're all a bit dopey--let's blame it on the mimosa's we were drinking at our new years get together yesterday, shall we?

Regardless, here's a lovely picture of me nursing Ella after midnight on New Year for our final day of Happy Hooter Days. I'm so happy to have this picture because we made an ER trip New Years Eve where everything turned out okay (Read about it if you want) and we were half afraid we'd be readmitted back into the hospital. We got home at 10 PM and got to bring the New Year in snuggling on the couch.

Happy New Years everyone! We hope you all had a beautiful new year and look forward to more giveaways, posts, information and fun from The Good Letdown!!!


  1. i'm confused. what's that Little boppy thing??

  2. That's Olivia's matching boppy so that she can breastfeed her babies while mommy breastfeeds Ella :)

    Meg and Deanna got me that and a few other things in matching fabric for Christmas

  3. That is SO awesome Meg and Deanna :)