Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring back The Leaky B@@B!!!

Sometime tonight, a wonderfully supportive facebook group called "The Leaky B@@B" was deleted. The Leaky B@@B is a supportive breastfeeding group that has provided help, support and a place to meet new friends on facebook for thousands of people. Nothing on it is offensive, attacks an individual or group of people etc etc yet facebook decided to delete the group.

Facebook appears to have made it its mission to rid itself of any breastfeeding groups and pictures while allowing other offensive,  horrible groups and pictures to exist. I have seen naked women. women in suggestive lingerie--not even suggestive, plain out see through!, drunken and drugged up teenagers, sexual pictures, groups that are violent against all kinds of other individuals and groups...yet facebook continues to delete breastfeeding pictures and support groups. This is out of control. We need to stand up and saw that we will NOT just sit peacefully and allow them to take away our groups. TLB has been a resource for thousands and thousands of moms and we WILL bring it back.

Go to Bring back The Leaky B@@B or go to facebook's search bar and search for "Bring Back The Leaky B@@B" to join the FB group to get TLB back. You can also check out TLB's blog at


  1. I joined as soon as I saw! and My ex boyfriend's mom joined too!!! :D

  2. If they ever delete my NNIPL page I will FLIP OUT.

  3. wow... and yet i have reported the group "dead babies" (a group who thinks there is nothing funnier than a dead baby and write awful things day after day) numerous times and that's still a group, disgusting.

  4. gah! some of the moms on the discussion board are soooo.... off. talking about we dont need pics of breast feeding. gawd, get an education! so many young mothers have no idea about breast feeding! thank you for helping spread the word!