Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bring back The Leaky B@@B--AGAIN

We here at The Good Letdown are in shock and deeply saddened that The Leaky Boob (forum and blog) has been taken down--AGAIN. Not only was The Leaky Boob taken down after being reinstated, but the group that was started "Bring back The Leaky B@@B" was also deleted by facebook.

Earlier today (yes, it's been a day of posts from TGL) Mother Hen brought up the point that we shouldn't blame facebook because they aren't trolling for breastfeeding groups. While yes, this is true, and we DO absolutely need to blame the group of people who appear to be directly targeting The Leaky B@@B, facebook still has these rules that allows this to continue to happen and something must be done. I'm not saying I have all the answers but for now, lets join together and check out the support groups for bringing back TLB on facebook:

You can also go to the discussion on FB's creator, Mark Zuckerburg's page and express to him how you feel. Please, we're asking you, don't go in fists flying and screaming obscenities. THATs not going to make any changes.
TLB Discussion on FB Creators page

There is also a virtual nurse in occuring on Friday January 7. You don't need to post a picture of you breastfeeding or even be a breastfeeding mom...or even be a mom. You can use this picture: 

If you know of any other support--nurse ins, websites, articles written etc that we haven't shared, PLEASE feel free to share them with us!!



  1. there are also physical nurse-ins set for friday and saturday. check tlb support page and Join TLB in Support of Women's Health for locations

  2. Mine's already changed, ladies!! I'm seeing red right now... They've upset the wrong group of women, that's for sure!!

  3. I can't find the physical nurse ins but if I can get the information, I'd be more then thrilled to share them!