Friday, December 17, 2010

Vomit Volcano

Yep, me with another post about vomit. Maybe it will become my trademark. Ha! Okay, let's hope not actually.

So, let me preface this by saying we have the worlds most laid back pediatrician in the whole world. Like... annoyingly laid back. I could probably go in with one of my children having a broken arm and she would say it was totally normal and all kids go through that phase. About a year ago I actually noticed that she wasn't really even examining my son during the well check - like she never listened to his heart or looked in his ears. Kind of basic, right? That being said, we've tried to switch... but she's the only pediatrician that hasn't given me grief about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, or who hasn't tried to damage my child by retracting foreskin. In fact, as far as I know... she doesn't even know we do or don't do any of these things because she's never asked! About 6 months ago we switched back to seeing her, and just settled that it was a close convenient place to get our children weighed and measured.

Anyway, back to the barf. So, both of my children have done the same thing... so it is "normal" to us. But just incase I'm missing something I'd like to poll the web. I feel like this happens because my children are comfort nursers (meaning they want to suckle even when they're not hungry) and I have an overactive letdown (I mean... REALLY overactive... I need to wear breastpads past the babies first birthday...). So, those two things mean that my children end up eating a lot even when they're not hungry.

What happens is when baby get sat up for burping or just so I can move, she starts sounding real juicy with breathing. Then she'll fuss around a little bit, so I'll try to burp her longer. And atleast once a day it ends with a vomit volcano faucet for 5-10 seconds by her just opening her mouth and letting it go. It's fresh uncurled breastmilk, and not projectile. Just pours out like a faucet. I remember when we asked our pediatrician about it, she said it was normal and that all babies spit up. She told us to imagine pouring an ounce of liquid on the counter. It would spread out everywhere and seem like a lot of liquid, even though it was just an ounce. My son eventually outgrew it, and I imagine my daughter will do the same. Neither one ever excessively cried or seemed upset about it like a child who was suffering with reflux. And it is generally just once or twice a day, not after every feeding. So, I just let it go.

The second way that this happens is when my baby's were trying to grunt out some poop too soon after having a full meal. It was like the pressure from their pushing went both ways. Oops!

Am I missing anything important here? Or is this just what is normal for our family? I know I could be better about not letting my babies comfort nurse on me, so I guess that is an obvious test to know if my theory is correct. Let me just add... that if a picture says a thousand words... this girls thousand rolls show that she is healthy and gaining weight;


  1. Robert did the same thing. Even in the hospital, he would start throwing up colostrum. And I don't care what they say about it just "looking" like alot - When he does it, it is ALOT! But I was in the same boat, it wasn't after every feeding, it was just 1-2 times a day. He did out grow it, thank goodness. And yeah, I comfort nurse, too. ;)

  2. My 3.5 month old does the same thing. Occasionally (like this morning) he will projectile the fresh uncurdled milk. All over me and himself. It worries me sometimes, but he is definately gaining weight and is thriving.

  3. My babies (that were breastfed) did that too, I kinda chalked it up to too much milk and too much "comfort nursing " and the youngest's didn't go away until she was eating solids on a regular basis, and my milk supply kind of eased up (around 9 months). If you're really curious about how much is too much mix 2 teaspoons of corn starch with a tablespoon of water, pour it on a flat surface or even on a bib.

  4. Never heard that trick before! Maybe I'll try it to show my husband (whom I've been arguing with over this very topic a handful of times). Thanks for making me feel normal folks. I was starting to question myself after Megz hadn't heard of such a thing. Thanks A LOT Megz. LOL.

  5. I gotta say.. FWIW...unless you have concerns.. or reasons for a concern... why check the babies ears? Is he hearing ok? Is he pulling at them? No? Then don't worry bout it :) As for heart beat... I understand the mommy fear.. I do.. but really.. unless you are worried there really is no reason to be concerned and no real reason for the dr to listen. I personally don't think that a dr listening for a minute every year or so is going to pin point any REAL problems anyway! :) I bet if you went in and said "He's pulling at his ear and it is red" the dr would check them out :) I actually wish our ped was more like yours :)

  6. first had actual reflux and a whole lot of other "stuff" going on, but 2nd and now 3rd (3.5 months) both did that...they guzzle and then yak it out. I figure it's a combo of my milk and them drinking too fast. Even when they burp, some still leaks out. The older boys say, "Mama, Isaac sprung a leak again!"