Monday, December 13, 2010

Testing Out The Bottle...

It's been trial and error this week with trying to get 7-8 week old Chicklett to take a bottle so that I can have an evening off here and there, and because I'll be having surgery in a few weeks and we want to make sure she'll be fed during the process. We're nice like that. Ha!

I'm a firm believer in drinking straight from the tap, and if I'm going to be gone a few hours I will pump a fresh bottle rather than using frozen. The frozen stash is for extended periods or emergency only.

So far I've gone to the grocery store three times leaving her home and she has yet to take a bottle! Ugh! The first time she actually slept the whole time so Rooster wasn't even able to try it out. But the next two times I've come home to a screaming hungry baby. We've tried two different nipples so far, both Gerber and they fit our glass bottles - what do you recommend for breastfed babies? We've used the one in the picture and then just a standard one that came with the bottles.
large image
One thing I have enjoyed about bottle training Chicklett versus the first time around with Chicken Little is that there is no milk waste! CL is happy to take the pumped milk in a sippy cup! I remember being heartbroken at dumping pumped milk where CL had maybe drank an ounce out of the 4 in a bottle. Pumping is very hard for me, takes about 2-3 pumpings to get a 4 ounce bottle. Knowing that CL is here to clean up the leftovers makes this time much easier.

Now, I know that Meghan and Mama Christa have both given their toddlers pumped milk - does that mean we're all technically tandem nursing? I'm just the only one that does it straight from the tap. During this cold and flu season have you ever thought of giving your toddler/child a booster shot of antibodies and immunities by giving them some pumped milk? Think about it! :)

Enjoy this little video of my son exploring a world of boob in a sippy cup.

We're also working on the pacifier training too. With CL we used a paci from about 4 months old to 11 months old - but only in the car and occasionally overnight. Chicklett has been an absolute nightmare in the car, so she's gonna need that car paci. Pulling over, taking her out of the car seat, nursing her, and getting her back in the car seat in freezing weather is not going to happen. Not to mention, during warmer fall weather this proved ineffective anyway because 2 minutes back into driving she would be screaming again. Rather than leave her to scream I would much rather let her have the comfort of something to suck on. CL often used it to suck on for just a few minutes and then he'd fall asleep. Much healthier experience if you ask me! So far we've tried 4 different paci's with Chicklett. All of them gagging her. I remember it taking some time for CL to figure out how to use them, so for now I will keep retrying the different types we have and hope that she figures it out soon.


  1. My son is almost a year old, and has never really taken a bottle. I tried in the begining to give him one like you said just so I could get a break but no luck. I tried several different types of bottles and nipples the ones I found he liked the best(even though he didn't like any) was the playtex nursers. They are a little wider. Now that we have introduced the sippy cup (with much trial and error) we found that the only one he will take is the Nuby. It is soft and has a wide short spout similar to the real thing LOL. He is still exculsively breast feed as I am able to bring him to work with me. I know that it is going to be hard on both him and I as I start to ween him from the breast. He just recently started to take whole milk in his sippy cup but still wants to nurse when he is done eating solid food regardless of the milk sippy. Good Luck I hope you find something to work for her.

  2. We've had a lot of success with the First Years Breastflow bottles...the Tommee Tippee's caused some nipple confusion. My son will also take the Medela wide nipple bottles, but I prefer the slower flow of the Breastflow bottles.

    And for pacifiers, we had a lot of problems with him gagging on them, but he took really well to the MAM paci's. I know Target, Babies R Us, and Walgreen's carries them.

  3. We used Playtex Ventaire Wide Bottles. We've found that wider nipple as opposed to a smaller one is better for babies who breastfeed or started off breastfeeding. These worked really well for us.

  4. I'm probably not the best to give this advice because my daughter outright refused bottles, and my preemie son took bottles in the NICU so he's a bottle pro when he has to be, BUT, i have heard great things about Breastflow bottles, as well as Adiri. I figured that the more the bottle looked like my nipple, the better, but my daughter would have none of that, so we moved on to sippies at 4 months - still refused. We finally did hard-top sippies without the valve or a small cup, and that was that, she never took a bottle. So if bottling never works out you can try those options, too!

  5. Chase seems to like the Avent more than he likes the breastflow if you want to try the Avent...

  6. We used the MAM pacies on Mikey.. saved them in great condition to use for Aiden and what do you know.. he screams and screams in the car and STILL refuses to take a paci. We did turn him around and that has helped.. which does NOTHING to help you out :( We suffered through the entire first year... now he is pretty much calm unless he is tired.. then if I hold his hand he calms down (makes for interesting driving LOL :) )