Friday, December 3, 2010

A New Mobile Nursing Trick

So someone wanted a snack while I was making dinner tonight and I realized we rarely put up IMAGES of our nursing babies, which is something we set out to do. Since this has been a slow week, and this picture cracks me up, I thought I'd share my totally obscene ONE MONTH OLD nursing upright in the sling.

This, by the way, is something I never would have thought of before, but here we are! My husband laughed at me then snapped this picture. So cute. I figure I could do this walking at the mall with a cover even! Snazzy!

If you have any clever, cute, funny, or frustrating pictures that you'd like to share with other moms, please feel free to send them over with a little snippet about who you are and what's going on in the picture, we'll post it on the blog!


  1. haha! i love this!! My hubby toke one look and said "the caption should read 'NOM NOM NOM'". he's very excited for our baby and the whole breastfeeding idea.... haha

  2. I'm jealous!! I never got the hang of nursing in the sling/wrap.

  3. hehe NOM NOM NOM :) What a cute little snacker

  4. Jen, I wouldn't say I have the hang of it...LOL! I sure am trying though! I think it would be easier in a ring sling instead of this pouch style sling, for me anyway. :)

    NOM NOM NOM is right!