Monday, December 20, 2010

Breastfeeding at home

Let me just start this blog post by saying that Ella is FINALLY HOME!!! Woot! After 74 LONG but short (NICU moms, you get it) days in the hospital, she's home with us and we couldn't be more thrilled. 
Ella at home <3
She came home yesterday (12-17), 1 day after her due date. As soon as we got home, she was screaming to eat. She'd breastfed before we left the NICU but only briefly because she was really futzing around at the boob. I had a lot of concerns that when we got home, she would do the same things she did at the NICU, which was breastfeed off and on and need bottles. But here's what I've discovered--when you're at home, and with baby around the clock, baby will take your boobie. Well, my baby will. Please keep in mind my post is about my baby and not all encompassing of all NICU babies in the world. :) 

Anyways, we got home and she ate right away. And has continued eating. I am breastfeeding on demand and offering her my breast anytime she starts fussing. She has already learned that she can just snack if she wants or get a nice full feeding. When she was in the NICU, they had her on a strict every-3-hour feeding schedule with full feedings. Now, most of us know that most breastfed babies do not necessarily eat every 3 hours. Sometimes they do...then they'll eat every hour. Or every 4...or every 30 just depends. Many breastfed babies are not consistent. Ella personally tends to cluster feed in the evening. 1.5-2 hours of breastfeeding off and on, off and on. Today though, she did that earlier in the day and right now is sleeping peacefully. 

We've really only had two issues so far with breastfeeding at home. Our first full 24 hours, she had foamy greenish yellow poop which I think was cause by my overactive letdown and oversupply. We'd never gone a full 24 hours of straight breastfeeding so it was a first for the both of us. Ella also only likes my left breast. She will very rarely take my right breast. I'm hoping she'll get over that but for now, I'm pumping that breast a few times a day.

Sorry I have no breastfeeding pictures to share with this blog post, but I will share them later as I get them! 


  1. WOOHOO! your "at home" nursing sounds a lot like mine. Kieran took to the 24 hour feedings juuuust fine, which was better than i had expected! the only issues was very engorged breasts due to me having more milk than he needed, but that was pretty "normal" as far as just bringing a baby home, ya know? what a blessing that she's rocking the nursing, i KNEW she would!

  2. yay! congratulations!!! my friend has an NICU baby with a heart defect. they were successfully BFing when they were allowed to go home. but when baby had her surgery, the docs were able to fix the defect at 4 months but nicked her lymph node. my poor friend was in agony pumping around the clock while her bub had to have formula. when the 6 week window was up and they could start nursing, they were both sooo happy! and bub didn't even forget how to nurse! i love stories like this, when momma doesn't give up and bubs goes back to it like they were never gone! congrats momma, you deserve it.

  3. personally, I think that was just the breast milk Christa. I had a few diapers like that and then my boys' systems seemed to adjust and the bowels firmed to the normal stuff. (sorry to gross everyone out) I should note that this bowel was also quite strong smelling, which was not normal either. If it doesn't happen again, I'd chock it to the full-time breast milk. But, that's just me. :>) HUGS!!!

  4. We do get an occasional grassy green poop here too. Had one this morning!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting! My heart goes out to all NICU mommies! Yup, the green poop is probably just from the overactive letdown. Too much foremilk. No biggie.