Friday, November 19, 2010

Spreading the Love Through Eats on Feets

So now two of us are milk donors! I want to be in the habit of pumping regularly for when I start at the gym after the first of the year, my little man will need milk if he's in the kid's care place, and you never know when I might have a fun night with the girls. Well, I started pumping last week, and I already have 70oz of milk in my's been just over a week. I only pump twice a day...I guess my boobs are overachievers like Christa's! So I found, through Facebook, an organization called Eats on Feets. Within just a couple of hours of posting on the Eats on Feets Mn Facebook Fan Page, I received a private message from a mother who was interested in taking the milk I have. She sent me her story about her breast cancer treatment and the pregnancy that occurred smack in the middle of it all. Her sweet baby Olivia, a TRUE miracle baby, was born at 32 weeks and is now 4 months old. Because of Sarah's cancer and the meds being used to treat it, she is unable to breastfeed and needs donor milk for her baby.

I'm really excited, not just about donating milk in general, but about donating to this family who has been through and is still going through SO MUCH. I'm just glad to be able to send them a little something to help. I'll be meeting with her on Monday with Mama Christa who is ALSO already in touch with her to donate milk. It feels good to reach out and do something, give such a precious gift to another family who needs it. I hope all of you will keep this family in your thoughts, and if you are pumping or would be willing to pump for a family in need of milk, visit Eats on Feets to get connected with your local chapter and a local mom in need. What a worthy organization!


  1. Y'all are making me wish I were better at pumping! Since my miraculous day last week of getting 6 ounces in one pumping I have gone back to my typical 1-2 oz per boob per pump. :( I am a slacker. But I probably referred y'all to Eats on Feets so I will take that credit for making the connection.

  2. That was a wonderful story! I just wrote on Eats on Feets FB wall also. I have plenty of extra milk also & was looking to donate. Thank you for sharing!