Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Request for our Readers

We, here at The Good Letdown (sounds very official no?), want to always provide relevant topics for discussion. If you have an idea for a topic, or have a story (any story), please let us know! We're happy to do the research (or the bulk of it if you've already done some for us) and write up whatever interests you. We're always happy to see your comments and conversations on the posts, so keep it up and make sure you're sharing the blog all around...remember, our mission is to normalize discussion of nursing as a NORMAL and NATURAL thing...one person at a time, we can change the perception of a healthy mom and baby relationship!

Thank you so much for stopping in and reading!


  1. I have a request for a topic: nursing while pregnant. I am really wondering if I needed to supplement. I got pg while dd was 6 months and I was able to bf until she was 9 months. At that point my milk really went away (I think) and I started formula. I continued to bf until she was 14 months and I was about 32 weeks. She self weaned and the timing was "good" because I was having so many contractions and was put on bed rest.

    Anyways, did I really need to suppliment, or could I have done without it???

  2. i really liked your body image post. i become avidly interested whenever subjects come up like how to look good while breastfeeding, or dealing with your post-pregnancy body, or how to feel/look sexy when your boobs are food not fun. i never felt sexy while breastfeeding, even though i lost a lot of weight, i still felt like a zebra with stretch marks, a walking map with all the blue veins on my chest, a freak who needs a different sized bra for each boob and who can only wear loose clothes because every 20 minutes i need to lift up my shirt and expose all the loose, stretch-marky skin on my belly so i can nurse my son. i know it's "natural" to look different after pregnancy, but it just seems like my whole body doesn't belong to me anymore, and i want it back at least some of the time!

  3. how about different kinds of breast pumps and what you guys think the best ones are?

  4. Awesome! Courtney, we'll work on researching that topic and do a post for sure, I think Mother Hen would have the most experience with that. Iktomi...I will definitely be doing more posts regarding body image as a spin off to the original...I think even though we don't talk about it much, it very much affects us, so does this "is this even my body?" issue, I like that idea.
    Carmex, FOR SURE we'll do that post, Mama Christa can probably provide a lot of insight, though I think I"m the only one who's used two different brands of pumps! :) Great ideas!

  5. I've actually only used two different kinds of pumps but both of them were Medela and it was a pump and style and medical grade.

  6. grrr!! so I'm at work, and I checked my email... There was a thing to sign up to win some bottles and feeding supplies and stuff like that. I went to go sign up, guess what! the site was BLOCKED! seriously, breast feeding & bottles and baby nessecities! BLOCKED! I know, I know, I'm at work, but we are allowed to be on the internet for our free time and lunch hour if we want to... this kinda irritates me... I work in a clinic, babies, delivery, breast feeding.. all NATURAL! ugh..
    sorry, had to vent that out...
    does anyone else get anything that's 'blocked' or looked down on (that's related to babies) at work??

  7. ooooh! I've got a suggestion that has NOTHING to do with breastfeeding

    Saving Cord Blood... (I think that's what it's called)