Sunday, November 14, 2010

Only a Matter of Time happened. Mama Christa had a breastfeeding photo deleted from Facebook this past week. I'm sure most of you know that Facebook administration does this regularly, deleting photos of mothers nursing their babies. They cite it as a violation of the terms of use since the photos are "sexual or violent" in nature. Completely ridiculous! If you'd like to support nursing mothers, or are a nursing mother yourself, please "attend" this event tomorrow, consider writing a letter to Facebook telling them how you feel:

Here at the Good Letdown we're building a Facebook page. Once it's up and ready we'll open an album called "the Daily Obscenity" for pictures of nursing mothers to be posted. Mother Hen is certain we'll be deleted in a heartbeat...exciting! I'll post here once the page is launched!

In the mean time, here I am nursing Chase outside a local coffee shop (we were in the drive-thru when the smallest man child decided he needed milkies RIGHT NOW). So obscene I think some of you may want to burn your retinas after viewing this SEXUAL and VIOLENT photograph.

OH, and the blanket isn't to suffocate him...I use that to prop my big saggy boobs up so I don't have to waste a hand holding it up myself...breastfeeding is a lazy woman's sport. :)


  1. hehe I am SO game for the Daily Obscenity album. So snarky.

    It is just plain awful that we have to be so "rebellious" and snarky about this. Why can't facebook just realize that breastfeeding is not obscene?

    Sigh . . . it's just the world we live in.

    Megz, your littlest man is so cute. It makes me excited for my own new newborn this spring!

  2. lol. breastfeeding is soooo lazy! you guys crack me up! i'm sooo ready for tomorrows nurse in!

  3. omg.. that photo is just nasty!! gross!!

    Just kidding!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks breastfeeding is lazy! HAHA! I decided that the first week I nursed Aiden!

    So glad folks are enjoying our posts, please share them with your non-lactation-enthusiast friends as well!

  5. It's hard to picture it, but there are some serious breast milk fetish guys surfing facebook. I keep my profile open and I found out from a male friend of mine that within minutes of him commenting on a breast feeding update I posted a stranger messaged him and wanted to discuss their "mutual breast milk fetish". A strange world we live in.