Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Boob at a Time - Guest Blogger

This nursing story is from Heather, a mom who Mother Hen and I both know from separate places. We asked Heather to contribute to our blog as I knew Heather had nursed Kaleb a long time and had encountered some resistance from family. In fact, one of the first times I met Heather she was nursing Kaleb at our toddler class! I was surprised to read her see...Heather is a breastfeeding convert! Here's her story! Thanks for sharing Heather!!!

If you know me, you wouldn't belive that I was actual agaisnt breastfeeding before I got pregnant. I had it in my head that the thought of having a baby suck on your boob was disgusting! When I was nanny, the woman I worked for breast fed and she gave me a whole new perspective on the subject. I started doing my research and decided that I would at least try. 

Kaleb was born February 20, 2009 at 1:51am and I couldn't wait to try nursing him for the first time. He was a quick learner. He did so well in the hospital, the nurses were impressed. I could tell though he would get a little frustrated with the fact nothing really was coming out and there wasn't much to suck haha. But he was an expert from the start. His favortie position to nurse was the football hold. 

As soon as we got home I started to pump right away so I could build up a huge supply incase I decided I didn't like nursing. My boobs were the milk money machine. I could easily pump 10oz out of each breast in 5 minutes. I had so much milk it was crazy. I was very blessed!

So as time went on and we were home, we started noticing that Kaleb may have some reflux/colic. (This was when he was around 4 weeks old) We took him to the pediatrician and he said Kaleb has a mild case reflux and gave him meds to help. Kaleb hated the medicine so we would put some in a bottle with pumped milk. That didn't work very well. My husband said that chiropractors can help fix reflux and against everything I have, I said I will give it a try. That didn't help either. Come to realize, Kaleb may have an allergy or an intolerance to something I am eating. Right away I started eliminating foods from my diet and slowly adding them back in. Soon enough, we found it was dairy. OH NO! I can't live without cheese and milk. I almost thought forget breastfeeding, this is nuts, I can't go without milk. I thought to myself that I had enough pumped milk to last a lifetime. Then realizing, the pumped milk had all the diary in it. Luckly, I have a very supportive husband who then convinced me to at least try. Breast is best! I was able to tolerate rice milk and no cheese and any of that. It wasn't that bad to not have it. And as every mother knows, you will do anything for your child. Since all the pumped milk I had had dairy in it, I decided to donate it. 

Now past the hard part, Kaleb loved breast feeding. He was never a cluster feeder but when he wanted the boob, he wanted it. He nursed every 2-3 hours a day for a few months and about 2-3 times at night. We never really bottle fed anymore and I just became and exclusive from the breast, breastfeeder. Make sense? LOL

Moving on, Kaleb was 6 months old and I still was eliminating dairy from my diet. We had decided to try Kaleb on solids. Once on solids, he didn't really slow on nursing that much. He maybe dropped a feeding. I always offered it to him and sometimes he would take it and others he wouldn't. He still wasn't sleeping through the night but would wake twice. Once around midnight and at 4am to nurse. I didn't mind becuase he usually just slept in the bed so I didn't have to 100% wake up. 

Around 10-12 months, Kaleb was eating more "people food" and less purees. About that time is when he started to wean himself from the boob. He probably only nursed about 3 times a day and once at night at 4am. He never would "ask" for it, I just always offered. It was starting to upset me that he didn't really want it. It was like he was such a big boy and didn't need mommy. I also started adding dairy back into my diet at that time and it didn't seem to bother Kaleb anymore. He didn't like when we started whole milk at 12 months. I guess the taste wasn't the best. But again, he wouldn't nurse very often and I know he needed the fat and the liquid. It was at 14-15 months when Kaleb decided he had enough boob. I was still always offering the breast but he would just play and flick it. He would only want it at 4am and that was just to hold it in his mouth. He wouldn't even suck. I could tell that I wasn't getting let downs very often anymore and they took about 10 minutes of Kaleb sucking on my breast for it (the let down) to happen. The joys of less feedings a day. Right at 15 months, he pretty much showed he had enough. He finally took to the whole milk and breast milk wasn't his cup of tea anymore. It was very sad for me, but I am glad I was able to breastfeed him as long as he would let me. 

Kaleb is 20 months now and I am expecting a baby boy in March 2011 and am very excited to get to go through breastfeeding again! I hope this new baby takes well to it like his brother did.


  1. that's great that you got to breast feed so long! I'm due in march as well. I have a 5 year old and I tried SO SO hard to breast feed her.. and she didn't get anything (I tried from almost a month, and I was a ERY young mom... 15). so I gave up, when I had my second one (at 18), she was given for adoption, but while in the hospital I attempted to breast feed again, it didn't go so hot, but when I came home my breasts were leaking like crazy... I'm hoping This one I have better luck... *finger's crossed*

  2. Great story. I felt similar to you and only tried breastfeeding my older son because my husband asked me to give it a try for him (although we later found out he had only been breastfed for 2 weeks) and I loved it from the first time. We made it to 15 months and I am 7 months in with my second guy!

  3. I hope you'll get this - I wanted to share my experiences with oversupply and reflux with you. ODD had awful reflux - we had to put her on Zantac and I had to be on a very limited diet. I didn't realise I had oversupply until she was about four months old. Now I have a 5 wk old and have been managing my oversupply by block nursing. Before I was doing that, YDD was showing some of the same signs ODD did before we realised she had reflux. Now she's (mostly) stopped the projectile spit-ups and the back arching and being super fussy at the breast. So I'm thinking that my oversupply may have caused ODDs reflux - too much milk in her little tummy made it painful so she nursed more to comfort herself and got more milk which hurt her tummy more, etc. etc. So I wanted to suggest that you try block nursing to manage your oversupply with #2 and hopefully you won't have to deal with reflux again!